Sunday, April 19, 2009

What to do when your A/C goes out in the south....

Daddy and Lilly-Rose in the fun house. Barry was very funny to suggest that I try this The beginning of the house you had to go through a tunnel that spun all the way around. I now waddle and could not see me making it through

I love this photo. I really love all the blue!!!

For Doots the scarier the ride the better!!! Last year when we went to our national fair she loved riding all the scary rides with her daddy and pitched a fit when she couldn't ride the "adult" type rides. I am talking the ring of fire and such. Well, at this carnival she was tall enough to ride the rides alone...she did not get scared at all. This one she clapped and screamed with joy...the guy running it got a kick out of it and gave her a FREE ride!!

She rode this one twice and loved the older gentleman who ran it. I think he looked a little like her Paw-Paw and that's why she took to him.

She wasn't too excited about this one. Lilly does not like loud noises..they hurt her ears. So some rides she spent beating her ears or with her fingers inside them. We tried to avoid the really loud ones for her. We didn't know this one was loud until the hydraulics kicked in.

Dumbo was a huge hit!

Daddy and Lilly-Rose.

The roller coaster is her all time favorite ride of all rides!!!

She actually said "I wants...the McDonald car Mama." She has been reading more and more words now. She remembers words off commercials very well.

Leaving went like this:)

Well, our central air/heat has been messed up since Friday afternoon. Right now it will not heat or cool. So it's getting kind of warm down here:) Today we talked to the place that has our warranty...Praise the Lord that was on of the perks of buying this house. Our warranty does not cover weekend calls and only covers weekdays. So it will not get fixed until Monday afternoon after Doots is out of Pre-K. If you have the ceiling fan running and the windows up it's not really that bad. But, I am pregnant, swollen in all kinds of places, and sweat very easily Even Barry was miserable Saturday that it was so hot in the house..he had been out in the yard cutting grass and weed eating...while I was inside doing the inside chores. So I read on our online news site that there was a carnival in our mall parking lot. So what better way to get cool than going to a carnival and having some snow cones:)
Oh, we also got another blessing Saturday. Earlier I was telling Barry our local firehouse was having a BBQ for the March of Dimes. It was 6.00 per got bbq chicken, two sides, dessert, and drink. So he went to pick us up some for supper. Well, when he got there they had already wrapped things up and were in need of getting rid of the extra dinners. They gave him four plates...24.00 worth and a loaf of bread for FREE! They wouldn't take any money and said they were blessed to raise 1,200.00 today!! They just needed to get rid of the plates now. So our supper was free and really yummy!
All and all we had a wonderful Saturday afternoon and it wasn't all that expensive. We actually saved a lot at this carnival sense Doots could ride most of the rides alone. So we only needed tickets for her and the snack was a snow cone:) We stay clear of games and just enjoy the whole atmosphere of the carnival. We do like watching others try climbing those ladders and such. By time we got home it was dark and cooled down a bunch.

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