Monday, April 13, 2009

More pictures and other things...

I am sorry the pictures are out of order. For some reason it refuses to let me move them like I normally do.

Apparently...I can not type under the picture so the first is of Lilly and niece Caitlyn.

Lilly at the end of the hunt.

A picture of us together. I have quite an "Emma-Kay bump" going:)

Counting her eggs and seeing if she got any prize eggs. She ended up with two dollars and couldn't believe it!! This was the first year that she has ever hunted eggs in general and with family.

Lilly-Rose playing ball.

Lilly with the basket I made her.

Lilly and our niece Cierra drawing Easter eggs.

Lilly-Rose and our nieces..Cierra and Caitlyn.

Daddy and Lilly.

Mama and Lilly.

Saturday Lilly and I took my Dad some gifts and balloon for his birthday. I felt bad that he had to be on dialysis on his birthday. The nurses said he had been waiting all morning and they were glad to see us Dad tends to give them a hard time:) So this was the first visit to the back of the dialysis clinic for Lilly. She was a little confused about the machines. They look a little different than the ones at the hospital. She quickly warmed up when she realized that Paw-Paw could watch cowboy movies on the t.v. that was attached to his chair. She did ask what the machine was and I explained to her that it takes all of Paw-Paw's blood...makes it all better and gives it back to him.

We came home and I cooked supper for us. Then we decided why not have supper and a movie! We rented Fireproof the day before and decided to eat in the living room. It's a rare treat and Lilly has a horse tray that she loves. It's for coloring..but, I let her eat her snacks on it and the few times we actually eat in the living room. So sense we were having a free night...she decided to play on PBSKIDS.ORG and we watched fireproof. I have to say it was slow in the beginning and quickly picked up. Overall we thought it was a great movie and I really loved the symbolism of the 40 day the love that the Lord has for us. I am glad we had a chance to watch it. Lilly is stuck on the movie "Space buddies." It's a cute movie about puppies that accidentally get sent to space. It's the only movie that she will sit fully through. We talked about it and decided that next payday we will see a matinee since she is ready for a movie. This will be Barry and I...our first movie since "Passion of the Christ." We plan on seeing a cartoon.

Also, during Fireproof I realized how much I really like the name Katherine. We have Emma definitely picked out..but, Leigh was subject to change. It just didn't grow on me as it first had. So we decided the definite name of our little one will be Emma-Katherine and we will call her Emma-Kay. We really love the name and so happy we finally have a name we both agree on:) Also, for the past three days or so...I can really feel Emma-Kay kicking...all the time:) It is really neat.
Sunday we went down to Barry's parents house and had lunch. Lilly had so much fun with all her cousins. We gave her basket to her down at his parent's house and I made two extra ones for our nieces. I usually make a "Resurrection Day" basket every year for Lilly. So it was fun putting three of them together this year. See samples played in this....for example our smallest niece loves baths. So I got her a visor at the thrift store..still in the keep the water out of her eyes. I then paired that with sample packets of Huggies washcloths and Huggies lotion. With Lilly and our oldest niece I had their biggest items on hand from clearances. The biggest item was normally almost 2.00..I caught it on sale for .33!!!! I guess we all had the same idea and Lilly ended up with THREE baskets!!! She got one from us, her grandparents, and Aunt/Uncle.
I always think of this holiday as "Resurrection Day" it is a wonderful day to reflect. I really do not think we could have thanks enough for all that this day truly symbolizes. An only son sacrificed for us...someone who gave their life willingly for us and then the joy of knowing our savior has risen to live again. It really does make you reflect on the type of love it takes for someone to do such things and then it makes me take a good look at my life...I really think it can put a lot of things in perspective on things that need to be changed within myself and my life. I thank Lord every day for him showing me what he has done for me.
I really hope everyone had a great weekend.

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