Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Good Friday my friends and updates(video included)...

Brier: Good Friday E. Pauline Johnson
Because, dear Christ, your tender, wounded arm Bends back the brier that edges life's long way, That no hurt comes to heart, to soul no harm, I do not feel the thorns so much to-day.
Because I never knew your care to tire, Your hand to weary guiding me aright, Because you walk before and crush the brier, It does not pierce my feet so much to-night.
Because so often you have hearkened to My selfish prayers, I ask but one thing now, That these harsh hands of mine add not unto The crown of thorns upon your bleeding brow.
First I was wondering if I could ask for prayer for a some family friends of ours. We found out Sunday that a friend of ours passed away. He was a wonderful man who loved the Lord and will be greatly missed by all that knew him. He leaves behind a wife, children, grandchildren, and many friends. Please say a prayer for them as they deal with the loss.
  • Sorry I haven't been on lately guys. I get sidetracked and not online near as I use to be. I am mainly focusing on the Lord, my family, and my health. I would like to give praise as I think the migraines are gone!!!!!!!! Yes, I have not had one in a few days now and I am overjoyed!!
  • Things have been so busy around here. I had to take Lilly-Rose to the doctor earlier this week..she has acute sinusitis. So they put her amoxicilian and that usually leads to other things since she is already on macrodantin nightly for her bladder/kidney issues. Bless her heart now she has a cough too!
  • She did start Pre-K and let me tell you...she is doing WONDERFUL!!! She is putting together sentences and even some new words. Her teacher is such a wonderful woman and very sweet. She has been so encouraging and has nothing but great things to say about Lilly.
  • This past week Lilly was able to do field day and Easter egg hunt with her class. This was something that we have prayed over so much. Due to our religious beliefs we don't do the Easter bunny or egg hunts....we always make her a "Resurrection day" basket. After seeing how her school set up things(it's a Christian school), Lilly actually asked with her own words, and much praying we decided to let her participate. They excluded the Easter bunny and the hunt was viewed more as just a game of hunting eggs. There was no other emphasis put on it. So this was her first time ever getting to hunt eggs and I decided to volunteer at school that I could be there and might as well help out to show our thanks to the school. I gave her a pep talk before the hunt and explained that she would find eggs..they went in her basket. Well, when they started she would only pick up eggs she thought were "pretty" the rest she would throw to the So in the end she only had about five eggs to her basket. The great thing was...all the kids were to turn in their basket and then I was on basket we all divided the eggs into 12 per basket. So all the kids went home with an even number of eggs.
  • They then had field day. She loved all the games in the gym. She played so many games and I think Tug of war/hula hooping were her favorite two. After field day all the kids gathered in the church hall for snow cones and popcorn. I was so hot/tired to and they were gracious enough to treat us parents to a snow cone. Which, I have been craving a blue raspberry/cherry snow cone. I got the blue raspberry part and it was very good. Lilly got to sit and eat with her class.
  • To see her with all the other children and interact with them was amazing. She has blossomed so much and I am praising the Lord daily. When she put together her first real sentence last weekend in Walmart I thought I was going to Everyone in our family has remarked what a difference they have seen in her since starting school and now I feel like we have made the right choice for her. I actually do not show up an hour early now and sit in the parking I try to busy myself while she is at school for three hours. I do all my chores then so we can spend time together when I pick her up. The house is so quiet when she is not here. So I look very much forward to lunch to picking her up again. I was also really down in the dumps about having to end home-schooling her. I realize that our situation is different than most parents and that what we are doing is best for her. Barry has been overjoyed at her progress and enjoys her visits to work. Sometimes he has to show Daddy what she has done in school right then..she can not wait til he gets home. So we make a brief visit.
  • Oh, I caught two rummage sales last week while Lilly was in school. Both churches were having sales to benefit their missions trips. So it went to a wonderful cause and it benefited our budget as well. I was able to get Doots some clothes, comforter set, two dresses for me, a new Bible, knick knacks, and lots of other things..I will make a post on them this weekend. I also plan to sit down tomorrow and make a post on freebies. I would today after this one..but, we have been lazy Lilly was out for Good I need to just pick up around the house, run to grab some things from the grocery store, and put supper on. Later tonight we are making my Dad a birthday gift for his birthday tomorrow. We plan to surprise him with it at dialysis.
  • more thing...I heard the Duggars are making a big announcement on Monday on the Today show!! I am thinking either Michelle is expecting another little one or maybe they are expecting their first grandchild? We will have to watch and see:)

I made a video for youtube. I usually make some for friends and family that I do not get to see too often. So I put together the photos of Lilly-Rose's first day of Pre-K, egg hunt, and field day. There is also info on our upcoming little blessing:) I think I have mentioned before that I am addicted to windows movie

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Sharon said...

She is adorable!!!! Children are so precious! I hope your migraines are gone for good!