Thursday, April 30, 2009

FREEBIES and Thursday ramblings.

Well, this week has been busy and quite confusing to say the least:) I did go for blood tests on Monday and was able to talk to the nurse about the results. My TSH levels were at 2.35 and my OBGYN likes them to be at 4 during a pregnancy. I do see where my levels have dropped. In January of 2008(last year) my levels were at 5.3 something. So they have dropped a lot. I have had thyroid issues for years..up/down. It has been one of the reasons why we have struggled with infertility so much. He wanted me to go back on the Levo and kept my dosage the same. So the dizziness can be from where your uterus applies pressure to some of your blood vessels during pregnancy. This is normal and nothing to worry about. Now I am starting to think that maybe the dizziness triggered an anxiety attack and caused the heart palpitations. I went back on my regular dosage Tuesday. So far this week I have only had one heart palpitation and just dizziness today. I am just learning to tell myself to not worry about, it's nothing major, and try to occupy my time during a spell. I found that curling up with Lilly on the bed, watching Caillou on youtube, and just resting does the trick. Also, if you experience this just don't wear yourself out, take your time on chores, don't get up fast during a sitting position, and such. So to me this is a praise for the Lord that nothing serious was wrong!!!

Well, Ms. Rose will be getting her K3 certificate at the end of May and ready to start K4 at the end of August. From the news letter her class will get to do some singing and get called up to receive their certificates. I know she will be heartbroken over no school during the summer. I plan to start up our homeschooling again to pass the day and I think she will really enjoy that. She now wants to play Tball and I can not find any leagues locally in her age range. Other than that..she is doing awesome. Today she wanted to pick some berries in the yard. So for lunch we had fresh berries with yogurt...she loved it!

Barry is doing really well. He will be going to the doctor tomorrow afternoon or this weekend. He has a bulging disc and it has now gotten to the point he needs to see a doctor. He is hoping something like Celebrax will do him good. He had some left over samples from a doctors visit over a year ago. He tried those to see if they would help and so far it has. The great thing that they are not allowed anymore overtime at work..unless it is call back time. So he gets to actually leave on time everyday. This gives him time to rest when he gets home and rest his back. It's been very hard on him having to get patients in beds/wheelchairs and then lifting at times. His department doesn't have a escort and there are only three each see a lot heavy lifting and pulling everyday. Please, pray that his pain will go away and that he will have the proper time to recoup each day.

We have a over night stay at the beach planned for June(to celebrate Lilly's 4th birthday)..I think we are all looking forward to a peaceful time laying on the beach, building sand castles, listening to the waves, watching the beautiful ocean, and being just the three of us. So I think this trip is what we need to recharge all our batteries.



  • Freebies I have gotten in the mail.
  • I plan on joining the forum tomorrow and will give my review.
  • I am compiling some coupon site, blogs, and ideas for a future blog post.
  • I will be doing a guest blog on a savings site and they will be doing a guest blog on mine:)

Now I need to go make my two week menu..I have grocery shopping tomorrow!!

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