Monday, April 20, 2009


Today was my 22 wk ultrasound appointment for Emma-Katherine (Emma-Kay.) She is doing wonderful, is healthy, and extremely active now. When I went to the high risk doctor's appointment earlier this month we were only able to get video of her. Today they taped it for me and let me tape it with my camera:) I am going to try to eventually put all the ultrasounds I have of her together for a DVD and burn it on my laptop.

I still say from her profile she is going to look just like her Daddy and older sister:) Other than that everything went great. I do have a small kidney infection and was prescribed some antibiotics for that. I have a history of them all my life and got them quite frequently when I was pregnant with Lilly-Rose. I also got to meet a new doctor in our women's center. My OBGYN was in the middle of a C-section and unable to see me. So they asked would I like to see another doctor and I opted to take the visit. They usually like for you to do rotation between doctors at least get to know them before you have your little one. He is the only doctor I have not met. So I decided to meet him today and then continue with my regular OBGYN for my remaining visits. My blood pressure is doing awesome...I had preclampsia with Lilly so that is a huge blessing!!! I do have the awful and dreaded sugar test next month...agh!!!! I can not stand that test. I did have gestational diabetes with I am going to be praying that this go around I pass with flying colors and keep the drink down. I told the doctor on my second test, when you fail you take a second test that is longer, I promise the cup seemed to have gotten a lot bigger! That is just the most awful tasting stuff.

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Tonya said...


I found your blog through the Top 100 Christian Blogs listing. You have a nice blog.

Congratulations to you and your family on your pregnancy. I pray that it all goes well with no complications. I remember seeing my son's ultrasound pictures and knowing right then that he was going to look like his daddy!