Friday, April 10, 2009

The bunny cake:)

I was looking through cakes to find a pattern for a cross cake for Easter. Lilly saw this bunny cake and asked could we make it. This afternoon we gave it a go and here are the results. Oh, for future reference if you are wanting to use flowers in cooking...make sure they are I was thinking of making a cross out of cupcakes and then have some cupcakes at the base..with Lilies inserted in them for garnish. I looked them up and I believe it is the stargazer...they are a natural laxative!!! So I nixed that idea:)

You can use a cookie sheet or in my case..I ended up using cardboard covered in foil due to the size issue.
This is the cake mix and frosting I used. Now listen to Mrs. Paula Deen when she says to use milk instead of water called for on the box and always add a teaspoon of good vanilla. Trust one can tell it was not HOMEMADE!!! I get the best compliments when I use box mixes by following her advice. You will also need two cans of white cake frosting.

Use two round cake pans. Sorry they are dark...Our oven has completely went bonkers. I am now having to use a conviction oven until we replace the whole stove. It's a long story and I will never have another ceramic top again! The little chips that need to be replaced are outrageous.

Cut into oval like shapes on each side...the middle will be your bow tie. I also cut the edges to make it fit the head better..this is your call.

I covered all the cake with white icing...excluding the bow tie. I then set aside some frosting for the pink frosting and blue bow tie. I used food coloring to color the frosting. The nose is a whopper and the eyes are jelly beans. I also used sprinkles on the tie and a sandwich bag to pipe out the face. I did not have a tip..I plan on looking for some tomorrow. Lilly asked if we could take this cake as a gift to her grandparents house and for our we will be making a second cake Saturday to take with us to Barry's parents on Sunday.

My beautiful taste testers:)

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