Saturday, April 25, 2009

Botanical gardens...

Lilly-Rose in the Rose garden. A Rose in the Rose garden:)
She loved running through the different rows and smelling the flowers.

These are some various types of Roses that I took pictures of. These pictures do not do the colors justice.

This is the Koi pond, bridge, and water fall area. This place was amazing!!!


The Koi were beautiful and HUGE!

Lilly-Rose actually took this photo! Can you believe that? You should have seen some of the ones she took around Easter. This little one has quite a eye for the camera and we are thinking of buying her one of those kid proof ones.

Doots and Mama. This one was Barry's favorite and so he is going to run it off to keep at work.

Doots being goofy:)


This one is my favorite picture of Lilly-Rose today!! She looks so grown up.

This one was my favorite...Daddy and Doots holding hands.

We decided to get out of the house today. After seeing my cousin's pictures to the local botanical really made me want to go:) We haven't been in quite some time and they have added so many new things.

They built a new Koi pond and bridge that is absolutely gorgeous! I think it was really the highlight of the trip and Lilly-Rose did not want to leave it. It was so relaxing to be able to sit on the bridge, watch the fish, hear the water running, being in the sun, and having fresh air. I loved it!!! Barry and Lilly loved looking at the fish and we found some baby tadpoles. Lilly-Rose just could not grasp that these little things were going to turn into The one we found had little legs budding already.

We also visited the Rose garden. The smell and beauty of that garden is always indescribable. It always reminds me of the old hymn we always sing in church and I am sure many of you know the one I speak of:)

If you have a botanical gardens in your local community..take advantage of it!! It's FREE! They usually have nature trails, lakes, and it can be very educational. When we go we teach Lilly about the different plants, animals...butterflies, birds, squirrels, tadpoles, frogs, fish, and so much more, and there is plenty of room to just run! A lot of men and women work so hard to show the beauty that God has made.
Today cost us nothing to go...well, maybe just gas. I packed our own snacks and we bought some water bottles from Walgreen's a while back. I more than made the cost back due to the samples inside. You can even take a packed lunch or once we had our home school class out there in the gardens..when Barry worked weekend. So all three of us went out to the gardens for the day. The possibilities are endless.

The great part is spending time as a family and just enjoying the day the Lord has blessed us with...we are never promised another one. I couldn't think of a better day than spending time with Barry, our little Rose, and being surrounded by other beautiful roses.

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