Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just a quick update...

Sorry I haven't did much with my blog lately. I really haven't felt like getting online a lot here lately. So the time I save on here I put towards my family and our home. It's also been pretty busy here. We have also had a lot of rain here and so we have had a lot of flooding. Actually the townhouses Barry and I lived in before we bought this home here were flooded out!!!
Lilly started Pre-K this week. It was recommended by her speech therapist. She thought that it would benefit Lilly seeing how other children communicate and express their needs/wants. Due to her behavioral issues it was mutual decision with us and her therapist to take her out of speech.
So right now she is doing great in school. We found a really great Christian Pre-K she goes a 1/2 day and they have lots of fun educational activities for her. She wakes up wanting to go to school and comes home with a big smile on her face. She does try to verbalize some on what she does there. I was able to talk to her teacher this morning and let me tell you...she is the sweetest woman I have ever met.

I am still having migraines. The doctor changed me to a different medication and I decided not to fill it. So from now on I will be trying to deal with them without any medication. I have learned to deal with them to a point that they do not disrupt my every day life of taking care of my family. If things get too rough I will lay down when Barry gets home for 1/2 hour to an hour to just rest. I know this sounds strange..but, when I feel a tinge of one coming on during the day..I grab Doots and we spend the day outside. I find that being outside in the fresh air and sun really helps. Her and I have also been continuing her home school studies(well, this week we haven't due to her being in Pre-K), learning to cook(she has shown a big interest in cooking here lately), reading, we had a slumber party, and lots of other things. Now that she is gone for about three 1/2 hours ever day..it does get lonely around the house and so very quiet. I really miss hearing her little voice. She has two more months left in this year for Pre-K and then a summer break. So I think that is plenty of time to see if she is benefiting at all from going. Her speech therapist seemed very optimistic about it maybe improving her speech, communication skills, and also her behavior.

Tomorrow is my high risk doctor's appointment. We go to see if our new little one has any bladder/kidney deformities as Doots does. We will also find out the sex tomorrow. So will we have a Emma-Leigh or Silas Calvin?

Here are some pictures of Lilly's first day of Pre-K:

Here she is waiting to get buzzed in. I love their security features. Makes me feel very safe when I drop her off.

Going to her classroom.

In her classroom. The school really is a wonderful blessing and I can see a change in her already. She also loves being able to be around other children her age. A few things they do are: Prayer for their day in the morning, pledge, prayer/snack time, Bible stories, hymns, computer time, weather watcher's club, story time, play time, and basic learning...colors, letters, numbers, Spanish, and how to write. Lilly said on the first day "Mama I like a preschool time." After two weeks of calling and researching Preschools in our area.. I am very happy with our choice. It's Biblical based, curriculum is wonderful, the staff are just awesome/so sweet, and fit very well into our budget for monthly costs. I could tell you stories of my phone calls..lol. One only had 30 minutes of preschool a day and the rest was daycare, another was 400.00 a month!!!, and one the staff were screaming at the children in the background.

Baby bump on my 19th week of pregnancy..next Monday I will be officially 5 months:

So that's everything in a nut shell. Things have just been busy between finding Pre-K for Doots, getting shot records up, registering, Barry working some overtime due to being understaffed(not his choice unfortunately), worried about our new little one...at least until tomorrow when we can actually see him or her..just knowing there is nothing wrong, keeping up with our home, spending time as a family, we also found out a couple of weeks ago that Barry has a problem with his back..something with a disc I believe(they did a practice scan at work to recalibrate weight or something and that's how it was seen)..so his back has really been giving him trouble, and you get the drift. I will post some freebie posts tomorrow and gather all the freebies I have received over the last couple of weeks. Thank you for your patience.

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Molly said...

Glad to see you back. It's too bad about the headaches. That is really miserable to have to deal with. Good luck with everything.