Saturday, March 14, 2009

I received a freebie that is now at the top of my list!!

I did get a great freebie this week. I remember about a month or two ago there was an offer with Lowe's. If you signed up for their Lowe's team racing you got a free SKIL power wrench. Now at the time I thought quantities would run out or it would be a little socket set..nothing fancy. Well, we came home Thursday to find this on our door left by UPS. It's a SKIL power wrench that has a charger and 17 piece socket/bit set. I looked it up on and the price is 68.92!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really have to bump my top place of freebies and say this one is definitely the best freebie I have ever gotten. It was going to be a surprise for Barry to begin with. So I called him at work and told him I had a surprise for him. When he got home he was so excited. He has always wanted one of these. He says he can not wait to change the oil in the cars now:)

Awww...then I had no choice but to take a photo of Doots. We bought her a Curious George shirt last weekend. So far she wants to wear it EVERY day. She loves George..I have to say I really enjoyed the books as a child and I do watch the series with her when it comes on in the afternoon.

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