Wednesday, March 11, 2009


  • FREE sample of biolage Just sign up to win the vacation...make sure you check Yes, please send me a Biolage sample in the mail (limited quantities).
  • FREE sample of Caress body wash ...You may have to copy and paste to get the equal sign in the link. Look for a gold circle that states you can get a free sample and click it. At the end of sign up and submitting you can play an instant win card for a trip to NYC fashion week.
  • Here's something worth a try...receive free gift cards for posting on your blog Per site: "Do you have a blog whose readers might be interested in one of the following:
    Micsroscopy News
    Free Giveaways
    $1,000 Scholarship
    If so, please contact us to set up a partnership where we will reward/compensate you for blogging about us. Fill out the form below and you will be contacted by one of our representatives.
    Name, Blog URL and Email are REQUIRED to participate." I received the following response after submitting: Expect to receive a response within 1-3 business days.
  • FREE sample of Sun Crystals Scroll bar down on right to get to rest of took me a minute to realize
  • FREE sample of Torrent green apple avalanche sample I really am unsure of what this sample is exactly. Allow 4-6 wks for delivery.
  • Found this one interesting...FREE online police scanner
  • This one is awesome!!! I pumped as long as I could for Doots(long story short..latching pumping was the next best option)...then I had to start taking high blood pressure medicine/heart pill combo...breastfeeding was not safe with the medicine I was taking. So Medela was my choice of pump. You can go here and possibly do product testing for medela
  • FREE DVD "Art of ironing" Allow 2-4 wks for delivery.

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