Tuesday, March 3, 2009



  • Avenno sample.
  • Muraid sample.
  • Gerber spoon.
  • Coupon for free 2 litter of Dr. Pepper.

I believe that is all. I am not sure where all of them are located for a full picture:)

I apologize for not being on. I had a really busy week last week and then when you pour migraines on top of everything..it doesn't make for a great night. I seem to be getting them at night now. I got to the high risk pregnancy doctor on April 1st. I am not sure if I have posted that or not. I will get to see the sex of the baby then and Barry managed to get off that day to be with me!! So all three of us will be going as a family. I plan to video tape everything!!! We have come up with two definite names now. The boy name we were pretty set on..the girl name we kind of teetered on and off with it. So the names are: Silas Calvin(After Barry and his grandfather) and Emma-Leigh (Both my grandfather and grandmother have the middle names of Lee and I have a special set of Aunt/Uncle that has the last name.) So there you have it:) I am officially at 15 weeks now and growing..lol.

I finally won my first dress auction on Ebay. Normally we just buy books and things from Ebay. Well, the thrift stores here have been slim pickings for 4T dresses. I find lots of pants and not a lot of dresses. So I put a bidon a smocked dress. I am crazy about smocked dresses. It has these little smocked cupcakes around the collar and comes with a bow for her hair...it has an embroidered cupcake on it. I checked retail here locally and the dress goes for 70.00...I know the bow usually runs around 20.00 with the embroidering...I also use to work at a children's clothing store that sold the brand and did embroidery. So you will not even believe how much I got this dress for!!!! I got such an amazing deal. We plan to take family photos with a month or two..so I really would like for Lilly to wear it. I am waiting for my belly to get a little bigger so they can take some modest shots of her hugging my belly for our new little one to see one day and for a keepsake of our two little blessings. So I am really excited about my first win with a dress and we can not wait for it to come in. Lilly loved the dress as soon as she saw those cupcakes. As some of you know she got a cupcake maker for Christmas and thinks she is a little chef..lol.

**QUICK NOTE** ChaCha was hiring this week!!! I think it was only two days they were doing it. I did manage to put in an application...I have not heard back yet on a follow up test and really hope I did everything correctly. So just a heads up in case you would like to keep checking back with them this month.

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