Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's day comes early...

Even after all these years of being married..Barry never ceases to amaze me. This Valentine's day will be a sad one of sorts. There has been so much to happen that has led up to this day. So this year I honestly thought it would slip his mind, not that he has ever forgotten any previous special occasions, and I think it would be very understandable. Barry has been through so much this month..then on top of everything he has call all this weekend. I do think his body needs rest...both physically and mentally. Today I was very nauseated and had a migraine. We really needed to go grocery shopping and with everything going on we have been unable to do so. So he told me to write out my list and he would go. This was his first grocery shopping trip, since we have been married, that he has went alone.
Well he came home with this huge grin on his face and he told Lilly in a sad voice..Daddy didn't get you the bubble bath you asked for. Then he pulls out this Tinkerbell plate set and kisses her on the top of her head..."Happy Valentine's day Doots." She was so overjoyed and jumping all around. Then he smiles and said..well I found something for Mama. He brings this box in and I like to have fell out! He knows for over a year now I have wanted this pot set by Paula Deen. It's always been out of my price range and it's one of those dream items. That you admire. I have always loved the red speckled ones. They look very old timey. He said he wanted to get me something nice for Valentine's day since I had been there with him through everything. Now just take that sentence and that sums up my wonderful husband. He thought of me even when he is still grieving. I love him so much and I have said after this weekend. That I always known that we love each other so much. But, watching his grandmother, a wife of 53 yrs bury her dear husband, things fall even more into prospective for you. I hope all this make sense. Well, he didn't have to get me this gift to have me realize what a wonderful man I married. I have known that for the past seven years. Thank you Barry for such a wonderful Valentine's day gift and thinking of me during this time that you should be healing.

Well, here is the set out of the box. I know the pictures are not that great. I had to use our video camera to take these photos. The pots and pans are this beautiful deep read with black speckles. It has porcelain outside and non stick inside.
The bottom is even stamped with PD Paula Deen.
The knobs on top of the lids are made of copper and the handles kind of feel like silicone.

Barry knows how much I love Paula Deen. I have always said her and I have two things in common..we both have a love for mayonnaise and butter! Even Doots watches her show with me and calls her "Poola Bean." Plus she cooks things that we like to eat in the south and with a little twist sometimes. I am so excited about getting to use these!!!
I will get to try these out tomorrow night. One of Barry's conditions for going to the store was for me to make him homemade buttermilk dumplings and chicken. He also knows I double the batch and also make biscuits(my dumpling recipe is the same as my dumpling recipe.) So he wants biscuits and homemade Amish strawberry preserves the next morning(we get them at a local pecan shop down the road. They now carry HUGE selection of Amish made meats, cheeses, preserves, jellies, soaps, tonics, and so much more.)
I was just so excited and blessed to receive this gift I thought I would post about it.

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