Thursday, February 5, 2009

Prayer request.

We just got back not too long ago. We have been gone all day today since about breakfast time. We went to spend time with Barry's parents today. Shine, Barry's grandfather, passed away last night around 11:30 PM. He was surrounded by his family and friends that loved him dearly.

Shine was a wonderful man and he loved the Lord. I know without a doubt he is at home in glory and no longing suffering. This morning we pondered if Heaven had fishing holes and if so I was sure he was at one of them. Barry had a rough night last night. By tonight he was still in shock. It's going to be hard on his grandmother. They had 53 years of marriage and loved each other so much. I worry for my mother in law as well...she was not in good shape today as we spent time with her. She was very close to her father. His wake will be tomorrow and then the funereal will be held Saturday. I will be taking a leave from the blog for a few days as we mourn the loss of a wonderful man who will be greatly missed by all who knew him. I am asking for prayer for the whole family as they cope with the loss.

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