Sunday, February 8, 2009

One of these days...

I decided to go ahead and post tonight. It's been really hectic around here these past few days. First off I know from my last post that everyone knows Barry's grandfather passed away last Wednesday night. He was such a wonderful man and he will always be greatly missed. We all take comfort in the fact that we will see him again one day and that his body is made anew now. He no longer hurts and is no longer suffering. Friday night was his wake. I think that was really hard on everyone. My heart goes out to my Mother in law. Friday was also her birthday...can you imagine? Barry has been taking things in waves. This is the first loss of a loved one in his tiny family. They are really learning to cope right now. Each has found their own way to deal with his passing. We decided that Friday we would not take Lilly to the wake and my Mother was such a big blessing in coming over to our home to baby sit. We then went and mainly comforted other family members. I think it gave Barry a lot of comfort to be with his family as well. It was a beautiful service.

Our mood was brightened in an unexpected way when we returned home. We came home to find that Lilly had locked her Nana up in her room. By this point she had been in there for about a half and hour. Have you ever tried to negotiate with a 3 year old? Long story short...Lilly had a lock and key type door knob. We picked this door knob due to her locking herself in her room. So we would have a key to get her out. Well, we lost the keys and she continued to keep locking herself in. Barry had the idea to just flip the door knob around until we could replace it. We have been forgetting to pick up another door knob and it's become natural for us to keep an eye on the door. Well, we forgot to tell my Mom about it and so Lilly was able to lock her in the room:) Praise the Lord she did not get into anything and stayed right next to the door the whole time giggling. So I think this brightened Barry's night...we all found the humor in the situation. Later as Lilly settled in to her nightly story we decided to tell her of her great grandfather's passing. I asked her did she remember her Nanny(her great grandmother) and she said yes. I asked did she remember Pa(that's what she called him) and she said yes. We talked how he was Memaw's Daddy...I then told her that he went to be with Jesus in Heaven. To my amazement she says "He go home Mama?" and I told her yes he went home. I was so amazed that she has remembered everything we have taught to her and Sunday school..that Heaven is our home..we are just passing through.

Saturday came and it was Shine's funereal. That was a hard day...especially for Barry..he was asked to be a pall bearer. Service was beautiful, the Pastors gave an excellent sermon, his requested song "the last mile" was beautifully sung, and two things stood out at his funereal...1. It was perfect fishing weather. It was warm with just a slight breeze so you wouldn't be hot. 2. The picture of Shine waving from his boat sitting right next to where he was resting. He loved loved loved to fish. He was then laid to rest at a cemetery down the road from his church. They played the TAPS(he served in the Navy in Korea) and did the flag folding. As much as it was was also very sad. I do ask for continued prayer for Barry and his family. It's been extremely hard for them. He was a man that impacted so many lives. Just a wonderful man that loved the Lord with all his heart and loved his family so much.

You know death is one of those things I guess that we can not wrap our minds around. A lot of times it's hard to understand why it exists. Sometimes when I think about death and loved ones passing away...even the day that the Lord has picked for my passing...I try to fathom why we have to die. One of my ideas is this: Maybe death exists because in a way it's the ultimate way of showing our love to our Lord. I know we don't have a choice about it..but, we do have a choice of how we face it. That is if we have a chance to face it before it happens. Take for instance if you have a terminal know that you will be passing away soon. You could make the choice to be bitter about leaving your family, friends, and just life in general. Maybe even cursing God for doing this to you. Maybe you lose your Faith, stop believing all together, or if you never believed it pushes you further in that belief. Then there is another could keep up your Faith in the Lord, still make the choice to praise him..even in a time of suffering, and prepare your family. I see it as a way go giving up what we love...our family and gain the ultimate love that we will receive when arrive to meet our Lord. Maybe we are to set an example before others during a difficult time in our life to bring others closer to Christ. By doing so we can ensure that we will see them once again. I know when Barry and I lay in bed sometimes at night discussing spiritual things..he always says that the Lord did not make our minds to comprehend some things...that we could drive ourselves mad trying to reach answers to some questions. That maybe some questions we have...we are only able to receive those answers when we get to Glory. I think death is one of those questions that we will only get the answer to when we arrive home. I am aware on another hand that death maybe be punishment that stems back from the garden of Eden. See I could stem a hundred questions from that one sentence. So in closing, I look forward to the day that I arrive at home and hear the Lord's answer on everything about life....all the things I never knew. It reminds me of the song by FFH "One of these days." I know I am rambling tonight. God bless guys!

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