Sunday, February 1, 2009


  • First is a freebie of my very own:) I have seven five day pogo passes...anyone care for one? I will give them all away on here. If you are interested you can send me your screen name on pogo or your email...I will then send you one that you can apply to your account. You can leave a comment here or email me. I will keep you updated on how many I have left and when they are all gone. I will be getting these once a month and once a month I will post them on here to you guys. Now from what I understand you can apply these to the same account...even if you have applied one previously. I just hate seeing them sitting in my free pass account unused and they come with the monthly why not bless someone else? I use to work off of guess passes all the time that you find on slickdeals...was actually working off a month pass from Woman's world when Barry surprised me with a subscription as an early Christmas present.
  • I know this freebie is a little weird for a Christian site..but, I do have my reasons for it being on here. Here is a sample of vodka Now what you can do is use this sample bottle as a sample trail of making your own Vanilla extract. Tammy at Tammy's recipes has a good post about how she made hers here: Just an idea thrown out there:) **Remember you have to be 21 to receive this freebie.**
  • Okay this freebie is a little hard to get to...FREE degree deodorant. You actually have to scroll through all the pictures on the site. Here's the link once there click on the hand when you find it. Down at the bottom it will have an option to buy it for 150.00 click buy now. A zip code box will then pop up. I got I could not purchase it...maybe it is due to my zip code? It's suppose to be a free sample. Hope it works for you guys.
  • FREE heartsafe Aspirin pill tote Allow 6-8 wks delivery. This will be great for my Mom...she had open heart surgery in 07.
  • FREE coupon for a 20 oz or 2 liter of Diet Dr. Pepper Allow 4-6 wks to receive the coupon through the mail.
  • FREE Ancient Chinese Secrets Ecookbook PDF
  • FREE open heart cross This is from the site: (Due to an extremely large number of requests your request may take some time to process. Please be patient and limit your request to a maximum of 2 crosses.)
  • FREE healthy home party kit. Per from the site you have to agree to the following:
    The host must hold the event within 4 months after receiving the kit.
    We ask that you share the success of your party with Healthy Child and LUNA by sending pictures of your party as well as completing a questionnaire which can be found on the Healthy Home Party Website. We would like to hear about your event - what worked and what can be improved so we can continually adjust the program to make it even more powerful and successful. Link to sign up: and here is the link for what you will receive in the kit:

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