Thursday, February 12, 2009

Freebies, other ramblings, walgreen's deal, and freebie in the mail show and tell.

Out of all my freebies this week...this one was by far the best!!! When we got home yesterday we found a package from UPS. It says Redken on the frames. I will be honest I do not remember signing up for this one and will try to find the link. They are metal picture frames and six of them came. I love them!

I found a really good deal at Walgreen's. You can get two of these water bottles filled with samples for 2/3.00 or 1/1.99. Your best deal is the two. There were some really cool samples that came inside the bottles:

  • Weekly pill sorter
  • Crayons
  • Full size chap stick
  • Lotion
  • Tissue
  • This was the coolest item by far...Instant hand sanitizer spray. Now this spray has Aloe and vitamin E in it so it doesn't dry out your hands. I like the regular types you get in the bottle..but, they dry my hands out. This one actually did not. It also clips really easy in your pocket. If you are like me and paranoid about can spray this on everything from handles on buggies to door knobs in bathrooms...maybe not that But, it will definitely come in handy with Doots for the park and such.

I ended up getting for me and one for Barry. He gave me all his samples since he has most of these at work and I bought it for him to take to work. I got mine to keep up with my fluid intake. I am always dehydrated, even before pregnancy, and my internist was the world's worst at lecturing me about fluid now I am going to make sure I stay fully hydrated for the baby. Each bottle will hold 27 oz of water. I am thinking of going back to get another for Lilly and give the other to my Dad to take to dialysis or my Mom for when she is out doing errands. Lilly had a fit over mine and she actually got a lot of fluid in her today by drinking from mine. I think it reminds her of a certain something she gave up at age one..hmm..wonder what that could be:) Anyways, I thought I would share the deal I found. You can find these, at least in my store, next to the diabetic supplies near the pharmacy. I also ended up finding a body mist for 2.00 as well. It was normally 5.00!!! Nothing wrong with it...I am thinking maybe the scent was discontinued. It's from a brand I see a lot of in Walmart. All toys here were also half priced and I ended up getting Lilly a 7.00 toy for 3.50. In case you are wondering why? Well, she has decided she does not want pull ups anymore. She actually told me in public she needed to go potty...three times!!!!!! So I am over joyed! We have been working so hard with her on this and so Daddy thought a special treat was in order for celebration.

Yesterday was my OBGYN appointment. I was an emotional wreck leaving there. Long story short after two nurses tried and failed..they could not get our little one's heart beat to come on the Doppler. They said I needed to go to ultrasound right then and it scared the living daylights out of me. They had me in tears. When we got to ultrasound there was our little one jumping around and the healthiest heart beat you have ever seen!!! I did a lot of praying and a lot of praising yesterday. For nearly 1/2 hour we thought our little one was no longer with us. The ultrasound tech said that maybe the baby was moving around too much for them to pick it up. They really couldn't give me an explanation on why they could not get the heart beat...all that matters is there is one and he/she has a healthy one praise the Lord! Lilly did so well she could tell I was upset and she stood beside me the whole time rubbing my stomach and asking "Mama tummy hurt?" She didn't understand what was going on..she just knew something was upsetting me. I tell you seeing that little nose, fingers, feet, head, little butt, stomach, and all the cuteness wrapped up in this little miracle...waving all about was such a blessing to me. I just could not believe how much change had taken place since the last time I had seen he/she. I did get pictures for Barry and he was beside himself to see our little one. Other than that the doctor will be sending me to a neurologist if the migraines do not go away..maybe near or after the 3rd trimester. I have been set up for the high risk pregnancy doctor and will be seeing them at 18 wks. Then they can tell if our baby has any bladder deformities like Lilly's(It's weird you have one tell you it could be hereditary and another saying "maybe" our OBGYN feels better to be safe than sorry. Also it takes a load off our mind due to we had no idea of Lilly's deformities until she was nearly one years old and ended up in the ER with a 106 temp and limp. Nothing before that...not even a kidney infection. It shows the Lord had a hand in that without a doubt. He protected her.) So this is detectable in the womb with the right ultrasound equipment and this office has better equipment. Our doctor also wants to do testing for Down syndrome. I agreed by ultrasound and blood tests only. Amniocentesis does have it's risks. He knows because of our religious beliefs that we would not terminate no matter what and I understand he feels better prepared to help our little if he knows what to maybe expect ahead of time before the birth. I understand that children diagnosed with Down syndrome have higher risk of birth defects than most infants. Also, if you research the test they do, which is an ultrasound of the baby and measure the fat pad on the neck/along with blood tests, these tests have a high rate of false positives. I thought I would throw that out there. I hear of a lot of aborted babies due to these tests. So I feel we are giving our baby every opportunity by doing the testing. So 18 wks we will go see these doctors and also I know they can tell the baby's sex by maybe we will get to find out two weeks early what our little one will be:) Lilly is on a kick now where she says we can not bring a baby brother home...she is fine with a baby sister. She says her name has to be Ruby after Max and Ruby. So I kind of like the name Ruby Faith.

We were also asked to share Lilly's story at a local telethon held by a radio station here for our state's children hospital. This is where she had her surgery and she still sees a pediatric urologist from there once a year. All her other testing is done here locally. They usually ask all families that have ever been to Children's in our area to share each story of how Children's helped them. We were unable to do this..this year because of Barry's crazy work schedule. But, if you read the blog in our local area and if you would like to donate you may do so by listening to 96.9. It goes to one awesome hospital!!!


  • At Walmart you can go in store and sample all 12 shades of Maybeline New York liquid mousse for free. I have not checked our local store to see if they are doing this.
  • FREE book Per site "
    Please complete the form below to receive a complimentary copy of "Uneven Lies: The Heroic Story of African-Americans in Golf ", by Pete McDaniel. (free shipping in US - unfortunately, we are unable to ship to addresses outside the U.S.) Allow 4-6 weeks."
  • FREE 25.00 gift card from American Gem society This site will locate a store near you to use the card at and it does come via email. So I would send it to a email that you normally would use or be on the lookout in your "freebie" email.
  • FREE seapack recipe book You must enter code:E1M2A3L. Allow 3-5 wks.
  • Sign up here for a free meal at Captain D's I assume it comes in an email to be printed.
  • Play trivial pursuit everyday through 2/28 at pogo and receive 500 tokens for doing so:) I love that game!
  • FREE sample of hot chocolate You can select up to four flavors!!!
  • FREE spins at 1. Sign up if you do not already have an account. My cousin recently sent me an invite for them. So I am glad I found the coupon:) Interesting I started out with 700,00 points right off the bat and you only need 1,000,000 for a 5.00 gift card to amazon!! Once signed up go to profile. Then you can fill it out for another 2,000 points and I think you get 200 spins daily. Originally someone had a coupon code for a 30 day pass out there and it has already expired. It was fun doing the slots...word to the wise..share with others and they will share with you. It does not cost you a spin to swap with someone and they will return the favor..this way it saves you spins and the game is not a competition you are out nothing.


Molly said...

So glad everything worked out at your appointment. I went through something similar, twice. The first time was a miscarriage, the second time turned out like yours. He was bouncing about and just hard to nail down with the Doppler equipment. Good luck with it all.

Thanks for the freebies, too.

Anonymous said...

We would love to have you join the D's club -- but you pick up an old address. You can join at We'll e-mail you a coupon for a free fish & fry or chicken & fry. Enjoy!

Sandy Smith
Captain D's Marketing