Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Freebies and updates.

Sorry I haven't updated the blog in a while. I am still not feeling the thyroid medication yet and I been feeling very run down. I have chalked it up to one thing...I am pregnant..lol. Great thing is the migraines have been less frequent and the nausea is getting a lot better. I have entered into my 14 wk and I have a scheduled ultra sound with my high risk pregnancy doctor in April...they are pretty confident that we will be able to find out the sex then!!!

Lilly's Autism test results were awesome. I think mildly Autistic starts at the 30 range on their scale and she scored a 27 so she is not Autistic. She was scored three different ways on her developmental test. She scored the age level of a two year old on her vocabulary. She scored a FIVE year old levels on her other two tests!!! They were cognitive and pattern/shapes type things. So she is below average on her speech and above average on everything else. The doctor said that if she could just get her speech up to par she could be a really great student when she begins school. I guess she lacks that ability in some ways to communicate very well so she has turned her focus elsewhere on things. The doctor says that she does have OCD and she is unsure right now if it is emerging(which would be something that would get worse over time) or something that will diminish the older she gets. She also has anxiety...she thinks both are due to her lack of communication skills and speech. I see what she means. It has to be very frustrating not being able to convey your feelings/wants fully to others. She gave us some tips on ways we can work with her. This means not giving in to her impulses that she has. She suggested that we start varying routines and show her it's okay to be flexible. The doctor seemed really confident that this is something we can work with her own and that can be corrected in time/along with better communication skills/improved speech. So no more testing or doctor's appointments!!! I admit I was disappointed in not finding out the "why" she has a speech delay. But, it doesn't matter the Lord has really blessed us. All her results that concerned the doctor...those are things that just need a little time and patience to work themselves out. They are fixable!!! So our next step is to try to get her into a speech program here in our school system. She has to score a certain level on her speech and the other parts of the test. The doctor felt as though Lilly may not qualify due to her high scores on everything..but, speech. So that can actually hurt her. She said that we could appeal it with the school board if we are denied and show them how well she scored on everything else and how far behind her speech is compared to her other scores. I see the Lord foreseen this happening...this sounds like a long process to get her into this program. Barry called his human resources department at work and they have decided to pick up our 20% deductible for her speech therapy since he is an employee and it's where he works(So she started back last week for the first time since....december?...maybe first beginning of January.) So for our remaining 30 visits we will not have to pay anything. After that we will have to withdraw her again. After that it will be 1,200.00 a month to continue speech therapy and there is no way we can afford that. So the Lord has been looking out for us and I am so hopeful that he is stalling things so we can get her into the school program. So bottom line the Lord has blessed us tremendously on all of the outcome of things. It feels like a hundred pounds was lifted off of my chest.

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