Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Awesome new blog to check out ladies and freebies.

I added a new blog to the blog list on my side bar. I try to keep up to date sites I visit on a regular basis. So sometimes I change it around...sorry. I seen on fox news(here's a link to the news story):

Of a family who has decided to make it off of 1,500 for the year for all their groceries, household items, and personal care items. That is wonderful!!! I am really looking forward to following her blog. Their monthly budget for these items are 125.00!!! That is amazing. We spend on average for groceries alone 80.00 every two weeks for the three of us(I have did it with 60.00 a wk before and that includes all three meals...plus small snacks...on both budgets.) That's not counting when we have to stock up on personal items. We buy things in bulk to save money so that is every few months we need personal things and cleaning supplies(sometimes I make my own cleaning solution.) Here's the link to her blog:

http://www.livingon1500foroneyear.blogspot.com/. I wish her all the best on her frugal journey and look forward to following her blog.


***Also the captain D's club link has been updated in comments on my last blog. Thank you for the poster that updated link.***

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Sharon said...

I'll have to check out her blog! Amazing how some people can really do a lot with a dollar! Maybe I can learn some lessons. :)