Thursday, January 29, 2009

Update and freebies.

That all that I came up with tonight:) Freebies I received in the mail this week..I will take photo later: Soy joy bar, Quaker delights, dog food, and coupon for my free bar of Johnson's soap for kids.

  • There is still no improvement on Barry's grandfather. Please keep him and all of Barry's family in prayer. Please pray for his grandfather's pain. He seemed to be in an awful lot of it when we visited Tuesday night. He is still unresponsive and has had no nutrients besides a glucose drip. He is now getting bed sores and that seems to be where a majority of his pain is coming from.
  • Barry decided due to the circumstances of his grandfather being sick that it was best to cancel his training trip to NC next week. So we will not be going.
  • Lilly had her Autism testing appointment today. We think she did really well and she has to go back for developmental testing next week. It's a type of testing where they test what age level she is working off of. Together with the observation and Autistic testing they will be able to give us a more details in the results of all. We go Feb 19 for the results.
  • Turns out that it was just the cord for the computer. So the shop I bought the computer from replaced it for free.

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Molly said...

Nice to see you back. I'm sorry Grandfather still isn't doing well. Good luck with it all.