Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sorry I may not be on for just a little while.

Sorry everyone...I may not be on for a little while. I hope you all understand. Here are some things we are dealing with right now and could use some prayer on:
  • Barry's Grandfather is not expected to make it. He had a stroke a little while back and it caused a lot of damage physically. His throat is paralyzed and he has been unable to eat for a couple of weeks. Because of his throat they are unable to insert a NG tube for nutrients. At his request he does not want a stomach tube and is DNR. Please pray for him and his family. He is such a wonderful man and has a big love of our Lord. Please pray for my Mother in law she is taking this really hard and we worry about her. She has a lot on her plate right now. I ask for prayer for Barry as well he loves his Grandfather dearly and is really having a hard time dealing with this as well. I ask for prayer for his Grandfather as he is in a lot of pain. Please lift them all in prayer. His Grandfather is such a special man. He's the type the sees the good in people first, loves to joke around, fishing, and helping others. When I was first saved Barry worked weekends and we only had one vehicle. We lived behind his family and his Grandfather made sure I had a ride to church. Regardless of if he was sick or when he was unable to hear the sermon...he was in church to feel closer to the Lord. He is just one of those people that you admire and find so encouraging. He doesn't just love the Lord ...he shows it to everyone he meets. He's just a wonderful man and it's hard for his loved ones to see him suffer.
  • I know I haven't been on a lot with the pregnancy. Just some things to go over with that. I am considered a high risk pregnancy and will be going to a local doctor for more testing on the baby. They were going to send me three or four hours away for testing and due to Lilly's behavioral issues we were able to talk them into doing it here. They are sending me to a couple of doctors here that come up from Florida a few times a month. Our doctor would like to test for Down syndrome...from what I am reading this is normal now days and they also have to keep an eye on the baby's developing bladder, kidneys, and such due to Lilly's deformities. They have better ultrasound equipment there for testing and to keep an eye on things. We are praying our insurance will cover everything. The doctors are Christians and they are aware of my feelings. Regardless of any outcome termination is not an option for us and I was assured they are not the type that pressure their patients. I have a wonderful OBGYN and I know he will treat us right in this. I have been praying for the Lord to help guide him on the care of our little blessing. I found out today that I do have hypothyroidism and so I will be on medication now for it. I have been dealing with thyroid issues for years and that played a part in our infertility issues. So hopefully the fatigue will go away...also the migraines I was diagnosed with this pregnancy may go away as well. So please pray with us on all of this. The fatigue, nausea, and headaches has been a reason why the blog has not been up to date as it once was.
  • Lilly will be going for her second appointment of three for Autism. This appointment they will do the testing. So that will be on the 29th. We have been praying long and hard on this. We would love for nothing to be an issue with the same time we realize a diagnosis is crucial for her benefit. We will just go from there. We could use some prayer for her speech therapy. We are hoping the Lord will bring that back into her life...since the insurance changed and we were unable to continue with it. Other than that she is doing great and is a healthy little girl...she is also croup free:)
  • We will be leaving for North Carolina Feb 2. We could use some prayer for travel mercy to and from...also while there. There is suppose to be a shuttle at the hotel to take Barry to and from training there. We are not sure about the last day. Please, pray for us as he is weary of going and leaving his grandfather behind being so sick. Please, pray for Barry as he trains that his mind can stay focused.
  • Finally and this is not really a prayer request..The place where you plug in the cord on my computer has a short or something in it. So when you plug the cord into the laptop sometimes he charges the battery and sometimes it does not. The cord will be in there...but, it will say it is not plugged in. I will be seeing if we can send this off tomorrow to be fixed with the warranty. So if that happens I know I will not be on here for a couple of weeks.

I will try to post some freebies later tonight before bed. Just wanted to update everyone and ask for prayer. I really believe in the power of prayer and prayer in numbers. So I would appreciate if you could us to your prayer list at night. If anyone ever needs prayer please feel free to email me with your request and I will add you to mine...we can be prayer partners. I hope everyone's week goes wonderful.


Molly said...

My best to you and your family during these times. I hope all goes smoothly and well. Take good care.

Anna said...

Hello, this is Anna,

I have been researching the role of gluten sensitivity has in autoimmunity, thyroditis, infertility, etc. I would highly, highly recommend reading The Gluten Connection by Shari Lieberman or Celiac Disease: Hidden Epidemic by Peter Green.

[BTW, I have all those conditions listed above, plus more. I am switching over to gluten-free this weekend.]