Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lilly-Rose, freebies received this week, and of course freebies!

Lilly after her church program. She was so excited today because they made crowns.

Here are some pictures Lilly drew this week. This one is Poppa and a bird.

This is her Nana.

This is Daddy.

This is a dog.

This is a picture she did today at church.

I was so excited when this big package came today. I thought it was a full size magic eraser for some reason.
It was a "mini"eraser...lol..that it was:)

So this week's freebies are:

  • Tivo cookie cutter.

  • Whole commit lozenges 24 in the tube.

  • Good bites pedigree dog vitamins with coupon.
  • Lights out sleep aide tablets.
  • Full size Cosamin DS tablets from Costco(sp?). This was a online freebie from last month.
  • Another Betty Crocker calender that I forgot to add to the picture.


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Unknown said...

She is such a cutie. I finally figured out how to get your posts on my homepage so I can keep up with ya lol.. How are ya feeling hun. Hope everyone over their colds.