Monday, January 5, 2009

I have been sick the past few days with an awful cold. Actually Lilly had a runny nose, little congestion, and slight cough. Today she is feeling much better and you really could not tell at all she was sick. Lilly has a wonderful way of bouncing back from anything. Barry has been achy and just feeling blah. It's a blessing that he did not get fully sick and was able to hold us all together:) For me I had everything wrong. I was running fevers, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, achy, and just the usual cold related issues. I can not take anything. So I have been making due with vapor rub and cough drops. Before this I was having horrible migraines. I am beginning to wonder if they were just the on comings of the cold. Today I feel much better and I still have some congestion. At least I can breathe and that is such a wonderful thing! So all and all...all three of us did not feel very well.

We have a busy week planned. I am praying we will all feel better by Wednesday. Lilly has her first Autism doctor's appointment. This will be just for observation. It will be one of three appointments. Then we have to leave directly from there to make it to her Pediatric Urologist appointment at our state's capital. It's a yearly appointment where we discuss her test results from the VCUG/Ultrasound and what he wants to do about everything. I really look for him to increase her daily medication since she has gotten bigger. They do that every year. Not sure what he will do about the situation not improving. Since Wednesday will be draining physically and emotionally all the way around we are treating Lilly. Her favorite place is Chuck E Cheese's and she only gets to go on special occasions. So I found a coupon for a large pizza, drinks for us all, and 50 tokens(could be more on the tokens) for 23.00! Since we will be traveling for most of the day this will be a welcomed rest. It is a 2 1/2 hour drive to our capital. Then we usually wait for hours in the Children's hospital clinic for a 1/2 an hour appointment. They hold a clinic once a month at the capital for families that live closer to it. The doctor's from Children's hospital then come down and see the patients that live closest to the clinic vs. the hospital. So there are a ton of appointments on this day and that's why the long wait. It has been a real blessing to us as it shaves off at least two hours off our drive. Our insurance has also been good on covering everything and we just pay our normal 30.00 co-pay. So with all that we figured the Chuck E Cheese's there will be huge compared to ours. We also will not have to worry about cooking supper when we get home as it will be well past 7 PM. This year it's a real big blessing to have a dependable vehicle to get there. Last year with the van pushing nearly 400,000 miles and such...we decided to ride with Barry's Dad. He happened to have a VA doctor's appointment on the same day. We were confident with in town trips with the van. Going that far off we were not that confident with the van.


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That's all I can think of right now. Sorry didn't feel like taking pictures this morning. Will update in pictures by end of week:)

I did find some deals in my inbox today. Modest handmaidens is having a sales on used clothing and the prices are quite good. If you don't have time to hit any thrift stores or yard sales...or none that close to you...then this sale might interest you.

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Sharon said...

I'm so sorry you all have been sick, but glad to hear you are feeling better. Praying for good test results on Lilly.