Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Home Keeper's Journal.

Interesting recipes that can really stretch a budget. I have a few emergency menus/grocery lists to give me some ideas of what to do on a tight pay check.

One of the recipes I have. The plastic sleeve is perfect for the kitchen to keep things from spilling on the paper.

These are the dividers I use in the book to break it down into sections.

One of my charts.

The outside of the binder.

I decided to take my lap top to my OBGYN appointment earlier this week and do a blog about my Home Keeper's Journal I made a few years ago. I am always saying that I will write about it and seem to let it slip my mind.
A couple of years back I started thinking about Lilly-Rose and what kind of things would I like to pass along to her. Things that she could take with her for the rest of her life and really use for herself and if she decided to have a family of her own. I remember when Barry and I first got married I tried washing clothes and turned all of them pink! Everything I tried to cook would burn. A few years later we both felt like the Lord was calling me to be a stay at home wife. Barry and I talked about it and he supported me 100%. It was a mutual decision. Those first few months I tried my best to keep up with the house, learn how to do laundry correctly, and cook things that we could actually eat. I constantly felt like I was failing and questioned our choice. Working outside the home I was so confident in my work. In the home I felt like a complete failure. Then I decided one day I could feel sorry for myself or do something about it. I started looking online for recipes, watching cooking shows, I read books on keeping a home, and had encouragement from other stay at home wives. Slowly my confidence started picking up and things just naturally fell into place. No longer was our laundry pink and I could get a stein out with the best of them. No longer did we eat fast food. Barry would come home to good home cooked meal and actually my love of cooking started budding from there. The house was in order and I had established a routine that I enjoyed doing and did so with a joyful heart. I started enjoying my days staying at home and the longing of wanting to work outside went away. I do praise the Lord every for his plan that he had for my life. Without him I would not be who I am today. I really do feel this is my calling in life to be a stay at home Wife, Mother, and Keeper of the Home. Even today it amazes me at the change the Lord has done with myself and my life.

When Lilly was born I realized that she too may have the same issues as I did. I really wanted to pass along my joy for taking care of my family. This was something that was never passed along to me. So I begin to think how in the world can I preserve things for her and her remember everything I would love to pass down? I don’t want to sound morbid…but, we are never promised another day from our good Lord. What if something happened to me and I had not passed these things that bring me joy in my life down to her? So begin my thinking of some sort of journal. When we were trying with Lilly I kept a journal. It became a release for me as we faced infertility issues. I wrote about my thoughts, my dreams, and even the hurt I was going through. Later it became a diary of her life. I still sit down every so often and fill her in on the little sweet and crazy things she is doing. So originally I planned a similar journal. Just to write things out. As I went along I realized that I would really love to design a Home Keeper's journal for myself. Something I could use as reference even now. So I decided I would print things off the computer and Internet. I would then put it all in a binder. I decided the little plastic sleeves would be great protection for my pages and help preserve them. So as I print off things I am reminded that someday my child or children will read this. I pray over it and hope that it brings them encouragement, knowing of my love, and knowledge. I have enjoyed putting this book together so much. I have been working on it for years now. I go to places like or for meal planning menus. You can also make your own on Microsoft word. I love making grocery lists to go along with the menus. Then you can take just the plastic sleeve with your list to the grocery store. This provides protection of the paper(so you only have to print once) and you can take a dry erase marker to check off your items as you get them. Then after the trip simply take a baby wipe and wipe it down. I collect recipes on things that are passed down to me through family, friends, or online. I collect recipes on things that I can make homemade for the house: soap, candles, laundry soap, bubble bath, bath salts, cloth diaper patterns(though I am not too handy with a sewing machine), and all kinds of things that are of interest to me. Things I would love how to do one day. I have charts on cleaning the rooms of the house…see you can also use a dry erase marker with these as well. I have printed off all the journals at flylady to organize our home and she has some wonderful charts. I also print off articles of encouragement and devotionals. I think we have days we can use a little extra encouragement.

I later took this whole idea and did a homeschooling journal with it for Lilly. So I copy off things I know Lilly can use. I can either let her write on the plastic sleeves with the dry erase markers or I can just make copies on our printer. I have crafts, preschool work sheets, and Bible studies all copied off for her. So if I am planning for the day I have it all right at my finger tips. No need to do any looking up the night before. I have a wonderful group on yahoo I subscribe to that has the best Bible studies and crafts. If interested just email me or comment here. I do not have access to the link at the moment. **EDIT** Here is the link: I highly recommend their Bible studies for children that involve using empty toilet paper rolls. Lilly loved those! You make little dolls out of them...they are so cute:) Everything you need is on the page to print off. You can get it fully colored or where your little one can color it themselves.

So I hope to give Lilly a happy balance. No matter what she decides to do in her life I will be there to cheer her on, support her, or even pick her up. So I want to pass along to her everything I know to hopefully put her on the right path the Lord has planned for her. I hope with this journal she will see the love and joy I have for the Lord, our family, and home. I would also hope this encourages her to stick the hard stuff out in life. At the end comes great rewards when you work hard for something and put your heart into it. As I wrote this I was thinking of he song by Frank Sinatra "High Hopes"...I think I could really relate to that little ant trying to move the rubber tree

**If anyone would like more links on where I got my recipes, menus, grocery lists, how to's, charts, and etc. Please email me and I would be glad to type those out for you. The book is kind of big and there are too many to print here.**

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See I am just amazed at you and how you get it all together. That is what I long for but every time I seem to get it all together someone comes up and moves it on me. I have no trouble cooking I love to cook. It is the cleaning and the organization that overwhelms me. Think I'm gonna come snitch that book lol and photocopy it. I love flylady too but trying to get my kids to understand and hubby is like yeah not happening..