Monday, January 19, 2009


Sorry haven't been on to post. Lilly has had the croup this past week(I think I mentioned that in my last post) and things tend to get hectic. I am still having nausea and now have it makes for interesting days. Lilly seems to be doing really well. Today she had virtually no coughing and has really been playing. Today she did something really sweet... she has figured out how to do the slideshow of our pictures on the computer. She was watching the pictures and she started saying "My best friends" and I looked at the computer screen. It was a picture of us together on Christmas. I asked her "So Mama is your best friend?" and in her tiny prissy voice she says "Yes"...kind of gave me this look like I should know It was so sweet. So she told me I was her best friend today. I ended the night with a baked potato from Wendy' new craving. So even though I was sick for the most part of was actually a good day.

That's all the freebies for today. I made the mistake of going to bed early tonight. Well, now I am up and can not go back to sleep. So hopefully a couple of cups of apple cider will make me sleepy.

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