Saturday, January 10, 2009


Sorry I have not been on. I have either been busy or nauseated. Lilly went to the Autism doctor on Wednesday. It was for observation. So mostly she watched Lilly play and asked us a whole bunch of questions. She goes on the 29th for testing. We will get the results in Febuary. We were told then that they would give us some information on where to go from there.

She then had her Pediatric urologist appointment at the Children's hospital office. It was not news we were wanting to hear. We have been dealing with her bladder issues since she was 1. She was born with the issues. They just did not come to light until the age of 1. At that time she was hospitalized for a week and had to have surgery. Well, every year we have a VCUG and ultrasound. The VCUGs are very painful and we were hoping this year would be her last. He told us that he would like to do another round of tests in December and keep her on her daily medication for two more years. He also brought up surgery again and could not give us a definite on anything. He said at this point it is 50/50. Due to her history of a uterocele, even though she has had only one infection since her surgery, he still may consider it. He reassured us and told us she was a good candidate for the surgery and he thought she would do wonderful. The only thing last time they went through her urethra and so there was no incision. With this surgery she would have to admitted into Children's hospital and she would have a incision in her abdomen. She would then have to stay there to recuperate. We went there thinking he would want to take her off her medicine and see where things go. Instead we got the above and it's not what we wanted to hear. We are still continuously praying that the Lord will heal her. She's just going through so much for her age. I'm amazed when I see her smiling and bouncing off the walls. She doesn't let anything get to her...that's for sure. We count our many blessings as things could be so much worse.

We discovered on Friday how made our insurance really is going to be now. A new company bought out the hospital that Barry works for. They did not change insurance companies..just plans. Well, we pay more now for less coverage. Lilly had her speech therapy appointment on Friday and the therapist knows us from working with Barry. She told me to check with our insurance and make sure her visits were going to be covered now. She had heard they are charging 20% co pays for the first 30 visits and then paying for nothing there after. So after I left there I was on my way to tell Barry when I got a call from my OBGYN's office. Because of the new plan I have to have 300.00 for a deposit on next week's visit!!! She said otherwise they will not see me and will not see me until I pay it. Barry called the insurance company and everything was correct. We will have to withdraw Lilly from speech therapy as each week will be 75.00 and that is 300.00 a month. After 30 visits it is 377.00 per visit each week!!! Then we found out that we have to come up with close to 1,000.00(with the 300.00 deposit) by my 7th month for my OBGYN to deliver the baby. Home birth is not an option since I am high risk and have other medical conditions that have to be monitored at a hospital during labor. We also have to pay for the first pediatric visit for the new baby and if it is a girl we have to pay out of pocket for a ultrasound. It was recommended to us by Lilly's pediatric urologist since our next baby could have the same bladder issues. With Lilly all of this was FREE. We did not pay a dime after my first OBGYN appointment b/c we did everything at the hospital Barry worked at. I just can not believe all of it and we have been quite upset. I am really upset about the speech therapy. I don't think this insurance company knows how much they are taking away from our Daughter. She could not hardly communicate with us at all last year and now she is putting three words together at a time! She can actually tell us if she is hungry or what she wants. She can tell you her name and age. Her vocabulary has gotten bigger and meltdowns have went down a lot. Now I don't know what we are going to do. We have managed to put together a budget to send her every other week to speech for the 30 visits. So they are going back to the start of this year...which she has only been once. I am going to talk to her therapist about it next week to see if it would be beneficial with her. So please pray with us on this. I don't understand why companies do this to good employees. Health insurance for families like ours is crucial.


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Wonderful link that was passed along to me from a freebie group that I subscribe to on Yahoo: This is a wonderful site. I really enjoyed the recipes and budget ideas for menus. Thought I would pass it along. Meals for hard times was a very interesting read. I think if you love the hillbilly housewife, as I do, then you will really like this site.


I have received two DVDs so far this week. One from the Kid's corner offer and the other from the Family association offer(I believe that is the name. I will have to look to be sure.) They did call me to verify what movies I was looking for and age group. They said they would be mailing out two. I got one I will probably get another on Monday. I got them both for Lilly. I will post the pictures and titles later.

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