Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Freebies I got in the mail and freebies.

These are some freebies I have received in the mail. The tea and recipe cards I am not exactly sure when they came in. I know it's been within a month time frame. The rest I received over this past week.
  • Two pairs of Hanes socks with three 1.00 coupons. This has been the most exciting freebie yet!!!! Well, besides my pinecone days and the product test trails.
  • How to study the Bible and have it make sense booklet.
  • Prevention magazine.
  • DVD No more baths. I still have not received the second DVD as promised.
  • DVD Mary's miracle.
  • 1.00 coupon to yomommy yogurt, 1.00 coupon for yobaby, and 1.oo coupon for balmex.
  • Nature's bounty reusable shopping bag.
  • Set of recipe cards from Real butter. I think six came and for some reason I can only find two...Can you guess who got into them?..lol.
  • Three bags of Yogi tea. Flavors: Green tea super anti-oxidant, Himalayan apple spice(I am excited about this one...I love apple flavor and I absolutely love hot apple cider.), and Green tea pomegranate. I also got a .50 coupon with this as well.
  • For my ultrasounds I got two free 1st trimester boxes from enfamil. You get a free as your baby grows magazine, free samples of their expectra vitamins, and this is where you sign up for the enfamil checks for formula. Now way back when these were great to use on coupon trading sites and coupon trains. So if you breastfed you could still use them to trade for diapers or wipe coupons. Same for similac coupons as well. Long story short my breastfeeding days were cut short due to having been put on high blood pressure medicine and it was not safe to pump with it(long story on latching...so I pumped every bottle.) Well, we started having to buy formula. Poor doots had colic and reflux. So she was on medicine for both and could only use certain formula. So the checks we had for the ones we did not use I would trade on coupon chics, I believe, was the name of the site. Then we discovered they started carding us for the checks at walmart. They had to run them as checks and you had to show your driver's license. So I am not sure if that is how they do it now and if it is like that everywhere. But, what I am getting at is, if they do not card, these checks make great leverage for trading with others. The checks will come in your name. So you have to be comfortable trading with others with your name on them. The site I mentioned I had nothing but wonderful trades.


  • FREE six Valentine's day cards http://stories.scrapbooksetc.com/landings/valentine0209.php. Offer expires 2-1-09 and enter code valentine for your discount. Site is tricky. It is very slow and came up for me...then when I tried to reload it...it would not come back up. So for this one just bookmark it and keep trying:) It got great reviews and shipping is free. I heard you can put your picture on the cards as well. When I get it to go through I will update this post.
  • FREE sample of Pero instant beverage. It's an alternative to coffee http://www.perous.com/pero-5.php
  • Just submit your photo for a free pack of Trident gum http://joebidensteeth.com/. The form is near bottom on right side of page. Will receive your gum in 6-8 wks.
  • Create two free cards http://www.greetingstar.com/index.php?action=front. Enter code 2freesheknows at checkout.
  • FREE mini football http://theexerciseguru.com/SuperBowl/. Reply: Thanks for your request. We will try to fulfill it as soon as possible. Remember to watch The Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2009 at 6pm on NBC.

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