Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday's ramblings.

We decided to send this photo out for our family and friends that may not have access to the Internet. Look at that big smile. We had to have a talk about where the baby will be for the next months. I told her that Jesus sent us a baby. So she was under the impression that we would just go to our church and pick up BOTH a baby brother and sister. So today I told her that the baby was in my stomach and she could talk to him or her. Well, she warmed up to the idea today. So all day she will run up to my stomach and rub it, talk to it, whisper I love you, and hug my stomach. So when I asked where the baby was she will point to my left side and say there is a baby brother right here. Then later today she starts to point to my left side as well and say there is a baby sister. When I first told her that we were expecting she said she wanted to two babies. Today she was keen on just a baby brother and by the end of the day she wanted both Now if you would have asked her before we got pregnant she would have told you it was a baby sister. Also at one point today she comes up to my stomach and says "Baby bruber".."tickle tickle" and started tickling my stomach. She is too sweet sometimes. December 29th can not get here fast enough so I can see this little one's heartbeat. So far I can notice some differences in this pregnancy compared to Lilly's. I am not sick 24/7..just in little spurts. I am tired a lot and I seem to be a bottomless pit when it comes to food. I have been craving root beer for about a month now..before I knew I was pregnant I was buying it by the two liters. So that explains why all the root beer. With Lilly it was lettuce and tomato. All and all I feel this will be a great pregnancy.
Tomorrow Lilly and I plan on putting our yearly ginger bread house together. I have been doing this every year of her life. This year I believe she will be able to eat any candy she wants off the house:) She did get into the kit this year. So we are missing a leg now on one of the gingerbread men. It's just one of those little things I always dreamed of doing with my little girl when I was growing up...I love starting and continuing traditions of our own. I really hope when she grows up she will look back and know how much I loved her...just loved spending time with her. Maybe she will make gingerbread houses with her children and remember our little times together.
Barry got his Christmas present in yesterday!!! I ordered him a book from the sale An encouraging word had going on around Thanksgiving. Well, I let it come in his name..sense my mail gets mixed up with a neighbor with the same first name. He opened it on accident. He was really excited about it and I will blog more on what book I got him. He couldn't wait to read it.

  • Free sample of kleenex with lotion. You do not need a Sam's club card to apply for sample. Allow four weeks.
  • Free 8x10 from walgreens with code: FREEGIFT. Only good through 12/20/08. You do have to pay shipping charges. I would go through the process and find out how much shipping is. Then before you submit call your local Walgreens and see how much they charge in store. It may not be worth it with shipping.
  • When you request a copy of this catalog you get six free greeting cards I did the all occasion cards. My brother can find anything that any store throws out. Well, he went to the dollar general and stumbled on bags and bags of greeting cards last year. He gave them to my Mom...who gave two bags to me:) So I always have Happy birthday or anniversary cards on hand now. I have even used my scrap booking supplies and turned them into other cards I needed. So just think if you get a card for one occasion...use some of your scrap booking supplies to turn it into something different:) I still have not figured out why they throw perfectly great stuff in the trash instead of donating it to the local thrift stores.
  • You can receive a free DVD here may have to copy and paste with the question mark in the link. They will call you about the DVD so a valid phone number is a must. They sell edited versions of movies that are safe to watch for the whole family.
  • Free templates if you plan to make your own Christmas cards this year

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