Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thrift store finds and Mother's day out.

My Shutterfly album that was given to me for...FREE...for trying out shutterfly came in yesterday! The cover has our last name on it...so I took a side shot. I really enjoyed putting it together and the book itself is awesome!

I took a day and went to the thrift store on Saturday morning. This was before we found out we were pregnant on the same day:) Barry surprised me with an early thrift store budget and decided to keep Doots with him that morning. They wanted to play on the swing set outside. So I left for about an hour or so. I did end up buying a couple of outfits. All my current clothes were feeling really snug...well now we know why..lol. I really wish I would have known we were expecting that morning. I came across some wonderful baby deals.

Some wonderful books that were my favorites as a child. Swiss family Robinson is missing from the stack. I got them for Doots when she gets old enough to read them. For now they are going into our library and I have already started reading one. Cost: 1.00 each.

Curlers 2.00

The ticket said it was a decorated Bible. I got it out to the truck and it was actually a decorated encyclopedia..lol..still beautiful. Cost 3.00

Mixer!!!! I have a counter top one I bought over five years ago. For some reason I never have all the parts when I need it. So I have been wanting just a hand mixer. This one had unusual beaters too..cost 2.00.

Isn't this cute? This little gas tank is for Doots' car outside. Cost 1.00

Kindergarten homeschooling book .78 and muffin pan .58.

Most of my living room is done in magnolias. So these book ends will go wonderful in my living room! Cost 2.00.

The homeschooling desk I have been looking for since Lilly turned 2! I did pay 10.00 for it. But, I think I got a great deal. It's also adjustable and someone painted it burgandy...so it needs painting. Lilly had a fit when she seen it.

So Lilly started her first day of Mother's day out today! She was so excited to be going. Barry and I decided it would be a great way for her to meet and make friends. It's held at a local church and the ladies there are wonderful. I really like that all the activities are Faith based. If you would like to see how her first day went you can watch it here...

She did so wonderful. It was Mama that was sad to leave..lol. She will only be gone a half a day once a week and you only pay for the days you use. She was so proud of her lunch box. They do get to eat lunch there. Next week they are having a birthday party for Jesus.
So today I have been doing chores and adding this blog. I will be leaving to pick her up in 20 minutes. So I need to go vacuum the living room floor. I may come back on tonight to post some freebies. Take care guys!

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