Monday, December 15, 2008

Thank you!

We actually just got home not too long ago. We have been gone all day. Well, to start off I will tell you that Lilly's ultrasound looked wonderful. Her uterocele has not grown back and you could not even tell where it had once been before her surgery!!! I was disappointed that I did not get to go back with her for the VCUG this year. Due to the radiation and me being pregnant I was not allowed. This is the first year I was not able to go back with her. It broke my heart not to be there to comfort her. Her Daddy was right by her side and said after the initial cath she did great and did not cry past that point. We did not get the news we were hoping for. Her grade of reflux is still the same. We were really hoping she would have none. With Lilly she has a high grade of reflux and in most children they will grow out of it. Since Lilly had a uterocele in womb and the first year of her life...her muscle did not get as strong as it could have. Which results in the reflux and that's where she differs from most children. At age five if she still has the reflux the doctors have said they will most likely do the bladder reconstruction surgery on her. She has taken a nightly antibiotic since age one for this. We will see what her Children's pediatric urologist has to say in January at her appointment. We will just keep praying. It could have been much worse and her grade could have been higher..there is always praise!

We had errands to run today and Lilly will be starting a Mother's day out program at one of the Churches here. She will get to go once a week for a half day. It's all Faith based activities. She will even have a music class. So I had to pick her up a lunch and make sure she has everything she needs. She is so excited about going and her only question was if they had a They are doing hand and feet drawings on her first day. Next week they are having a birthday party for Jesus. She is really excited about going and I know she will handle me leaving her so well...she is so independent. It's me that I am worried about. I am afraid I may cry. I have already been and talked with the church staff..since it is another church from our own. I talked to her teacher this morning on the phone for nearly twenty minutes:) She was really sweet and answered all my questions. They are also very understanding of some of the things that Lilly is going through. It's funny to think of her as growing up. I feel like she is still so tiny.

I went to my first doctor's appointment today. Everything is going great and they are doing a ultrasound in two weeks. The doctor feels I am too early yet to see a heartbeat. The due date is estimated between August 14-22. Depends on the ultrasound as well. We are so excited. This morning Barry finally got to tell anyone that would listen to him at Lilly is very excited to be a big sister. When asked if she wants a baby brother or sister she replies..."Baby bruber and sissy..two babies." For about a month or little over her Grace before supper has been this..."God bless baby bruber and sissy Amen." So she has been praying for a sibling too. She just blurted out with this prayer one night. We had no idea where she picked it up from. So Saturday when I found out we were pregnant I told her Jesus had given us a baby. So now when we go remotely near our church she starts to scream "Jesus' bruber and sissy." So I suppose this week we need to have some sort of talk that is appropriate for her age. I know if we do not when she goes to church Wednesday she will have a meltdown when we leave without a baby:) We are still shocked and it's a good kind of shock. I have so much to do I feel like nine months is not enough I am wanting to do cloth diapers. So if you know of any good ones that you use..please let me know. I would not be able to make them on my I am not too handy with a sewing machine:)


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