Saturday, December 6, 2008

Quick post today...

This photo serves no other purpose than I seen it and it made me laugh so hard. I have always enjoyed movies like star wars and love squirrels so it was a given I would find this funny:)

Last night I spent the night working on my free 8x8 photo book from shutterfly. I was picked to be part of a influencer program for other Moms on another site. So I can talk about it. It was really fun. I loved the layouts they had for you and the backgrounds. It made everything really easy to plan out. I got to design 20 pages. The site covered my cost and shipping:) You can view the book on my last post. Sorry, I posted it and then had to remove it. It had our last name on it. So I did some tweaking and saved as a different name on the site. I was scared I would mess up my current order. I love product reviews and always have. There are some products now that I tried on a review basis and now they are part of our every day life. I can not wait to get this book. This is also one of Barry's Christmas gifts. I could spend all day scrap booking and this is exactly what that is. I am actually considering compiling all our family photos into one of these books once per year. Imagine how fun that would be to not have to cut, tape, paste, and don't get me talking about those old photo albums. Where the plastic never wants to stay over the pictures and sometimes your pictures fall out. We lost some of our honeymoon pictures that way during a move. I love pictures and very sentimental about them. So it broke my heart.

My next post will be something I think all will enjoy and if you love youtube..then you will love my next post. I found some wonderful videos that I have enjoyed watching so much!

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