Friday, December 26, 2008

Prayer, Christmas 2008, Freebies

I decided I would like to post some good news and a prayer request first off on my page. Please, pray for my Dad. I have posted on here that he is terminal. My Dad is in complete renal failure and has been on dialysis for some time. The treatments are painful, time consuming, and leave him drained. Emotionally he is terrified each and every visit. He has seen people code right in front of him and he has developed anxiety in going to his treatments. This led to him missing them or not staying the full length. This doesn't help him as fluid builds up..he also has congestive heart failure and fluid on the lungs is not good for him. Recently he started producing urine!!!! That's right he is producing urine. He is producing so much that they are only getting a liter of fluid off of him every time he goes to dialysis here lately!!!! So that is awesome news. Tuesday he will bring in a urine sample and they will run some tests. This could very well mean that maybe his one kidney, that use to function, is improving. This may mean that if it improves enough he could come off of dialysis! I am praying so hard for him. I know this is something he really wants. I can't help to wonder that if this comes about that his outlook on things will improve. So please lift him up in prayer and I will update next week. To show you how my Dad's health has changed. One picture is of him before dialysis and the other is after dialysis started. I would say there is about an almost two year difference in the pictures.


This was my gift I picked out for her. There were only two of the 25th edition dolls left and I really wanted to find one that looked like my old doll. The one I named her after. I didn't get to find one that resembled her. But, this one was so cute. She has been carrying it around all day today.

This is the gift Daddy picked out for her. She has a life size walking doll she got two years ago at Christmas. Well, the arms and legs keep falling off of So he really wanted to get her another one and these were on sale at Walmart the day after Thanksgiving. She can also wear the princess clothes that she has on. After trying them on...we decided they are better left on Barbie. They are not modest.

Look at my family. They are beautiful! I think this is my favorite picture of all day!

Here we are. I love that little look she has on her face. I know I look awful. I had a case of morning sickness and was trying to stick it out for everyone.

She loves this doll. Daddy did great on picking out this present. She treats her as if she is a little friend that has came over to play with her. It's too cute to watch her talking to her.

She doesn't really know who Hanah Montana is. She has an older cousin who loves her and Lilly loves to copy her. I remember when I use to do that with my cousins and my brother:) Well, she calls her

Ah, the kitchen. Wonderful gift from my parents. Lilly had a fit over it. It took us two hours to put it together Christmas Eve My parents thought this was hilarious. My mom brought it over early for us to put together. I am the mechanical one in the family and she asked me could I put it together. I said sure I could. We opened the box and hundreds of pieces, literally, came out on the floor. My mom just started laughing and told me to have fun:) I enlisted the help of Barry and we had it knocked out in about two hours. It was worth it. Thank you Nana and Pawpaw for the awesome present!

This is from Christmas Eve at Barry's parents house. They got her some dinosaurs. She loves loves dinosaurs now!

Poppa and Memaw got her this present. Can you imagine the look on her face when we opened the door to their house and there it set under their tree? We were so shocked! Thank you Memaw and Poppa for this wonderful gift!!!!

I like this picture. She has that determined look on her face.

We had a wonderful Christmas with family. Barry had to work Christmas Eve we took Christmas day easy. We cooked the ham, collards, stuffing, pecan pie, and sweet tea. I got sick and wasn't able to enjoy all of it:) After all was said and done I spent most of the afternoon on the love seat with a wet towel over my head. Lilly was so sweet and asked if I was okay. She then jumped up beside me and snuggled with me for a long time. That's rare for her. She has never been a holding baby. It was nice to finally see Barry being able to rest. He has been working so hard here lately. I was glad to see him just kicked back in his recliner reading.

This year Lilly was able to understand the birth of Christ more. She was so full of excitement. You can really understand all that Lilly says. She doesn't have a big vocabulary. But, she tried her best to tell everyone that would listen to her about baby Jesus. It warms my heart when she starts asking days before Sunday school..."Go to Jesus Mama?" I love my sweet little girl.
I will go Monday for my first ultrasound and to see the baby's heartbeat. Please pray everything goes great for us. We are so nervous about everything. Also please pray for my Dad on Monday as well..he is now well enough to have his port taken out of his chest. It's delayed for a very long time. Originally it was just there to do dialysis until his port in his arm healed. It kept getting infected and then other health issues came about. So he can finally have it removed.

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Gigi said...

Found your blog through CBO...I will be lifting your Dad up in prayer for continued improvement leading to the end of dialysis. That's truly awesome news that he is now producing urine!! I join with you in asking for healing...

Beautiful pictures of your family! Your little one is just delighted by it all!

God bless you all in 2009!