Monday, December 8, 2008

NC trip planning and freebies.

I was going through our old photos this weekend and ran across this photo of Lilly-Rose. My my it is hard to believe she was once that small. It's amazing at how much she has grown and that little face has changed.

I found these home school activities while researching Raleigh, North Carolina. Barry will be doing his training in February in Cary, North Carolina. So I am taking this as a wonderful opportunity to let Lilly see and learn some wonderful things. We can still do our homeschooling while there. So here are some things I found:

Coloring page of a Colonial girl:

Coloring page of Native American Cherokee Indian: I am particularly glad to find this one and hope there is more to learn in NC. We have Cherokee in our family.

On this site they also have some online programs you can do with your child as well. For 2-4 year olds that have a place where they can join a quilting bee! We did not get all the way through that one. Here's the link for that:

I am so excited about going. Looking at some of the pictures of the's going to be an amazing experience at the museum of science. They have dinosaur fossils and such. So I am planning everything down to a T(plus I like planning things like this. It's fun to me to think of all the things I can show her. She has so many more opportunities than I did.) I am researching the museums and the exhibits. With one museum being four stories. I do not plan on knocking it out on one visit. I read on one that admission is free. So we will be going back the next day. I am sad that Barry will be training and everything will be closed by time he is off. I realize that it is his job and he will get to spend some time with us when we head for the mountains afterwards. So I plan on taking plenty of pictures and taping everything for him. I see they have Imax theatre and an ice skating rink. Two of those we can do with Barry. I remember when Lilly had surgery we stayed at the Ronald Mcdonald house. They give you free passes to some places locally. So we picked a science center. She was just a year old at the time. We were trying to keep our mind off of the next day. She had so much fun there and that was also our first trip to an Imax theatre. Do you know it was loud in there and she fell asleep? She slept all the way through So that's about it on the trip. I have looked up thrift stores too:) They have quite a bit there. I am so excited. This is our first official family vacation. We love the Smokey mountains and we look forward to showing her how beautiful the area is. Did you know had Lilly been a boy she would have been Elijah Cade after Cade's cove. That is my favorite spot to visit. I have planned a picnic for us there this time. It's something cheap. We can make sandwiches and the motor trail is free. We just have so many special memories there. When I go to Pigeon forge I think of where Barry purposed, Sevierville I think of where he bought our rings (the Walmart here did not have the ones with the engraved he took a chance on them having them), and Gatlinburg I think of our honeymoon. We would love to move there one day.


I am looking forward to this weekend. We will be going to visiting my sister in Christ this coming Saturday. Her birthday is coming up. So I told her she can pick. We talked earlier about going to a Christmas city we have here. Lilly and I will also be doing our yearly ginger bread house this weekend. She is so excited about it. We are also going to make and decorate some sugar cookies.

My Mom also turns 60 on the 1oth! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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