Saturday, December 6, 2008

How I made our Christmas ornaments.

Things you will need. I like stickers. They are easy to decorate with. Laminate of some sort. Rather the big pages that you can cut or the pouches. Make sure they are self sealing. Otherwise, you will need a machine. I like to use construction paper as the background and personal touches. This year I am using locks of Lilly's hair. Why? Weird? Well, earlier this year she decided she needed a hair cut and went into my sewing box. She had never gone in there before. I walked into the room to find hair in one hand and scissors in the other. She immediately dropped everything on the floor. Then started patting her hair saying "Pretty Mama...I pretty." So I saved the hair to show my Dad how much she cut off when she was unable to visit him in the hospital. I was going to save some for her baby book and then didn't know what to do with the rest. Seem like a waste after she worked so hard on So I decided to incorporate into our Christmas ornaments this year. Usually, I do something different. One year we did hand prints. Now I realize you need to bring the group of people in for minimal money on this project. I did nearly 65 of them with the hands!!!! That church family, family, and friends!!!!! Now it's just my Aunts and Uncles. That's it.

First trace the laminate pouches on the construction paper. Then make sure you cut smaller. You want the piece of paper to be not touch any of the outside sides of the pouch. This is will not give it a good seal and it will bubble.
Test your paper and make sure that side do not touch for the seal. This one automatically seals at the bottom. So put your paper down all the way on the bottom. That way you can hole punch a hole up top for your hanger.
Write out what you would like the back to say before hand. That way you don't make any mistakes on the ornaments.

Finished product.
I also included these cards this year. I found a deal on them. Check your thrift stores. They often have a variety of cards for .25 to .50 in a ziploc bag. You can get all your cards for well under a 1.00.

I made these dvds with my old computer to send out. That way everyone, who may not live close, will get the chance to see her grow.

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