Thursday, December 4, 2008


I have tried loading my video to blogger and youtube. It just will not load:( So I will try to make a video tomorrow on the Christmas ornaments I will be making for my family. Maybe I can figure out then what I am doing wrong. Barry finally figured out how to use our memory card and get more footage out of the camera. It was horrible with just the memory the camera came with. It would only record for a little over two minutes and then you had to import it to the computer. Start all over.

We found out yesterday we will be going to NC in early Feb. We are really excited. We will be there for five days and then we plan to leave from there and head to Sevierville. We like staying there Vs. everywhere else that is a little pricey. You save money, it's a little less busy, it's still close to everything, and the people there are really nice. We plan to be there for two to three days..then head home. We are excited to get to take Lilly to Ripley's aquarium, Cade's cove, Roaring forks, and I am hoping we get to stop at the Biltmore estate before we leave NC. I also believe there will be least one year when we went around March/April there was. Lilly has never seen snow before! So I think she is going to have a blast. What am I looking forward to the most? The A&W burger place. I love rootbeer and that is the first place we eat at when we go. I wish they had one here.

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