Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Sorry for not posting. I just can't seem to shake this sinus issue. It makes me feel really tired and wore out all the time. Then at night I can not seem to get proper rest. I toss and turn. It also seems like we have been on constant go this past weekend. At least the grocery shopping is finally out of the way and a menu planned. Today it has all caught up with me and I am really really really tired and Lilly-Rose doesn't seem to be in a good mood either. I am hoping this is not catchy. Barry has his doctor's appointment today with doctor about his infertility issues. I am waiting for the call on what he tells him. Please, pray for him. First off that there is nothing seriously wrong with him to cause his current issues. Secondly, that maybe we will get some good news on options for us. Thirdly, today is going to be a busy busy busy day for him. They had ten patients to start off the morning. So I imagine he will be really tired this afternoon and then having to deal with a doctor's appointment on top of it. I think we all will be ready for bed tonight.

Before I forget we found a great place online to watch t.v. http://www.sharetv.org/. They have a lot of different shows on there. Also, http://www.pbskids.org/ now has and episode of super why on there. Lilly watched it over the weekend and I have been watching a couple of shows on the sharetv. I do not know if pbs has anymore of the shows on there. That one was the only one I found. Does anyone know of a place online that you can watch UK shows for free? I really love keeping up appearances, as time goes by, and red dwarf.

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