Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Freebies and Lilly is learning computer skills this week.

Sorry, I have not been up to date with the freebies. So what I am going to do is put up under sites I love to visit. You can bookmark it. I get a lot of heads up on freebies from their freebie forum there. I like to go through them and try them myself. I also like to edit the content on this site Vs. having anything posted. I also realize that on most forums that Christian related freebies are voted down. I also look up freebies on my own, keep my eyes peeled on t.v./magazines, sometimes a friend will email me a link, and such. So basically there are a lot of freebies out there and everyone seems to find the same ones:) So if I do not post you can check out slickdeals and still have your freebie fix for the day:)

Barry did get his free download for his xbox. It was in his que as said. For those interested here is Lilly-Rose showing off her computer skills. This week in homeschooling we are learning how to use the computer. I have found to be an excellent place for her. She can maneuver around without my help. There are only a few games that she likes and tends to stick with those. She loves the radio on the site. It's a little lengthy to watch a three year old playing online. But, She was just so cute. I really think working with her just three days she has really caught on to the computer.(Okay video would not load...I will try again tomorrow.)

Oh, before I forget we got her this cool toothbrush at Walmart the other night. She does not like to brush her teeth and every day is a battle. So we bought her a toothbrush with the "My little pony" theme built into it. Well, when it touches her teeth you can feel and hear the music so well. I gave it a try, just putting it against my tooth, and it gave me a toothache. I thought that was really cool. They did not have that when I was little and what an excellent way to get your children to brush their teeth. She is so excited about brushing her teeth...that she sleeps with her tooth brush at night now:)

While the video is processing I thought I would tell you of a new family member that entered our family. My Dad got a dog and he let Lilly pick the name. So she said Biscuit. Since she has seen that furreal dog on commercials. So Biscuit it is. My Dad is so proud of his new pup. As some of you may know my Dad is terminal and does dialysis three times a week. Most days he is confined inside or in bed. So this puppy has been a blessing from the Lord. They sleep and play together. My Dad has always loved small dogs and has not had one since our beloved Crickette died about five or six years ago. He bought her for me when I was around 13 or 14 at a flea market for 15.00. So the weekends I would come to visit my Dad I always brought her. Even when I would go on the road with Dad she came along. When I got married I figured it was best for her to stay with my Dad. Barry had three indoor cats and by that time with working full time and college..she just had gotten more close with my parents. So when she was run over he cried for days. He was just getting sick, had to retire, and move from his home. It was such a rough time for him. So I am glad he has healed enough to find him a new buddy. So now I am looking for pet freebies and looking forward to getting his pup some things for Christmas. Rather than him getting a gift he wanted a few things for Biscuit and toys was one of the things he asked for:)

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