Monday, December 22, 2008

Finished the gingerbread house, congratulations, baby names, etc.

First off I would love to wish the Duggar family congratulations on their new little blessing. I think I read that her name was Jordyn-Grace. So congratulations guys! I also went to their site to see some new pics and they are not up. I decided to go through the recipes again. I actually plan on printing them now. Well, there were a lot of new recipes I have not seen on their site They now have recipes for laundry soaps and fabric sheets. As some of you have heard me talk about...I have been building a Home Keeper's journal for years now. These are wonderful things to add to my section of do it yourself. One day soon I will get around to actually doing a blog about it:) I get side tracked and forget.

Baby names!! One of the fun parts of expecting a new little one is picking out baby names. If we have a girl we have had her named picked out for about three years. When Lilly was a few months old her and I were out at a thrift store. I was looking through baby blankets and monogrammed on one was Ruthie Grace. I thought what a beautiful name. Annie Ruth is the name of my Grandmother(on my dad's side) and Ruth was a very strong woman of the Bible. Grace now seems to be befitting since our little one would be here by the Grace of God. Plus, it's two names and we can keep a theme going. For a boy we do like Jeriah or Silas as a first name. My dad's name is that explains why we picked a name with Jer. It also means light of Jehovah. We are thinking of maybe using Calvin as a middle name. There are three Calvins on Barry's side and two on mine. I think we are pretty stuck on the girl's name. Now I wish I would have bought that little blanket. It's still sinking in.

We did put together our gingerbread house. I have to say every year my roof falls completely Lilly really enjoyed showing it off to her Daddy. We made him close his eyes as we led him to it and made it just for him. Here is a youtube video of it: I am hoping Tuesday we can do some sugar cookies and make some for the whole family. I collect cookie cutters. I have an Aunt that send them to us, I get them at the thrift stores, and sometimes after season sales at Walmart. I really love cookie cutters! I have a little Christmas collection going and found one two years ago in the shape of a cross. So I would love to be able to do some cross ones this year. I thought that would be something extra special for the little ones.

Tonight we went to Winn Dixie. Not sure if many of you know..but, they do offer free slicing of meat. Barry gets a free ham every year from work. This year we decided to have it cut. So we cut a pretty good sized portion out for our Christmas dinner and then we got eight good sized ham steaks out of it. Which equals out to nine nights worth of meat for the three of us. That's a huge blessing as we buy our groceries bi-weekly and that means we will need less meat. So we went up to one of our Winn Dixie's here to have the ham cut into portions. We also came across these cute little Winn Dixie toy diesels for .64 each. We got for Lilly's stocking and one for her to give to my Dad since he was once a truck driver. So they have matching trucks. Lilly definitely has my side of the family in her for directions and love of trucks...anything mechanical in general. Barry says she is going to follow on my Dad's side and be a truck driver one day. She knows her way around town pretty good and will actually tell us which way we need to Hopefully tomorrow I will start to take some pictures of freebies I have had come in and I will take a picture of the toys trucks.



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