Monday, December 22, 2008

The Duggar family tonight on TLC

I heard here:,,20248436,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines there will be a special tonight on TLC. They are changing the name from 17 kids and counting to 18 kids and counting. Not sure if they will be have some current things on the show about the new little one. Just a heads up:) The link also has a neat interview on the Today show...I believe it was the Today show. Forgive me if I have the wrong morning show. I am typing this in my kitchen as I am tending to a ham I am baking:) I will post some tomorrow. Tonight I have a full plate. Lilly needs help getting rid of some of her toys..motivation, presents to wrap, and getting her things ready for tomorrow. She will be attending a birthday party the church is having tomorrow for Jesus for the toddlers. So I will post some things tomorrow and thought of a few things I would like to post on this week if I have time.

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Just passing through and thought I would say hi.