Monday, December 29, 2008

Dad's port removal, ultrasound, new pics

My Dad's port removal went really well today it was a success on being moved. The bad part was they gave him no pain relief at all during the removal. They actually had to cut the area and did not even numb it!!! So please pray for him tonight as he is in pain and nauseated from the whole ordeal. We are not sure why they exactly did it that way. Please pray for him tomorrow as he takes his urine sample in..I hope we get wonderful news!

Today was so busy. I had to take Lilly to speech therapy and run some errands. Then back home to get her things ready to go stay the afternoon with her grandparents. I had an ultrasound and doctor's appointment this afternoon. Afterwards I waited for Barry to get off of work so we could ride together back down to his parent's house to pick up Doots. Praise the Lord for my dear in laws. They are wonderful! I honestly do not know what I would have done without them today. They even invited us for supper. We got to eat with them and then visit. I laughed until my stomach hurt at some of the things we were talking about. They are hilarious and have such great stories. Then Barry received a call from a family friend of ours that joined the army this year and is now living in VA. He is coming over for a visit tomorrow night and we wanted to make something really special for him. So we decided to do homemade enchiladas, cheese dip with rotel, and ice cream cones for dessert. So we did not get home until 10PM!!! Lilly was fit to be tied. We never let her stay up that late and now we are reminded

So today was the big day to see our newest little blessing! I am six weeks along and the due date is estimated EXACTLY on my 30th birthday/8th wedding anniversary. We had our wedding on my 22nd birthday. So what a gift!!!! Heart beat looks awesome and everything looks really great! I did have a cyst on my left ovary...he said that is normal with pregnancy. Ah, it was wonderful seeing that little flutter on the screen. It really is amazing how God creates us. I made a video of the ultrasound and picked a song that reminds me of how I feel with this pregnancy...The Lord really does feel our heart with wonder! Here is the link of my ultrasound:
You can even here our little one's heart beat! They gave me three pictures to put in our baby book. I just couldn't believe looking at the screen the little blessing that the Lord has given us. It's so neat to think of this time next year...I will have two little ones!!! I just can not wait to see if it's a boy or girl. What color their eyes or hair will be? Will he or she be the spitting image of their Daddy like their big sister? I got again for an ultrasound in the middle of January and for my first OBGYN appointment:)

I attached some pictures above of Lilly. We took these today. I bought some curlers a while back at the thrift store and she picked them up...brought them to me and says "Mama hair?" How can I say no? Usually she runs screaming when it comes to hair being brushed. She sat so patiently and so still to let me do her hair. She really wanted to look her best to go to Memaw and Poppa's house. So I decided to redo her big sister pictures. I plan on sending my family some pictures this month.

Tomorrow I will post some freebies. This wore out Mama is about to hit the hay.

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Molly said...

So happy the ultrasound went well and your little one is growing. Congrads to you all!