Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas gift idea, freebies I got, decorations

I was just thinking when I unpacked this last week that some of you might be interested in making it as a craft. I bought this ornament for Barry the first year of our marriage from a lady that worked in my office. All it a light bulb painted to look like a penguin. The cap is a baby sock with a puffy ball hot glued to it. She then used some wire for the hanger. I thought this was such a neat ornament. She also painted his name on the back for me. She did all the painting on it herself. She was such a talented lady. So this is just a Christmas gift for you ladies. I am pretty sure you could think of other uses for light bulbs and go from there for an ornament.

These are our decorations for this year. Lilly got into the advent calendar and took the book of Jesus' birth out. She refuses to tell us where it is at. So I am hoping I find it soon. I got the reindeer food bag for .50 at thrift store some years back, the mantel decorations are all from off season sales, and the little tree is actually the first tree Barry and I ever had:) So we have had it for many years and it still works.

Here is Lilly today after speech class. She has really opened up to going now. She loves to go. So with Lilly everyday is Saturday and anywhere she is going is on Saturday too:) So she says now she is going to the beach on Saturday. Well, she is meaning

These are my freebies for this week. Ask your bank if you have a rewards program. Most do. Ours does and gives you rewards for every time you use your Visa debit card. Well, the debit cards are free with your account. It does cost money to order checks. So we now have went completely to our debit card now. Every time we use it we get points and this is what I spent our last batch on. I still have some left and I am saving them for a turtle laptop for Doots. This is our second freebie from them. The first being a gift card with TGIFs. So we had a free date night. I got a mini chopper and a digital camera:)

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