Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prayer request, freebies, and good deals.

Lilly has her yearly bladder tests the 15th of December. We found scheduled it yesterday. So please keep her in your prayers on this. She will have a ultrasound to make sure the uterocele has not grown back and then a VCUG( .. Lilly had a removed uterocele, has a half duplicated system...which means she has two ureters on one kidney and extra tissue on one kidney that produces urine instead of the normal third kidney, and bladder reflux due to the uterocele. It's something that can be detected in the womb and was not in our case. She lived with holding her old urine in her til she was almost one yr old and got a horrible infection.) We are praying for great results this year. We do not want to see any bladder reflux. Last year she had a high grade and if not under control by age five they will consider bladder reconstruction surgery. Right now she has had only one UTI since her surgery to remove her uterocele and takes her antibiotic on a nightly basis...which she will continue to do until age five. So that is good..we are hoping with potty training that she has tighten those muscles and no reflux...which means no more tests!!!! They are painful and hard on us as a family. Then in January she has her Autism evaluation. She goes twice in January. Once to be observed and then once to be tested. February we will get the results. So I just am asking for some prayers her way and for us to. We could use some courage and strength as we go through all of this.
Great finds on Ebay: A .99 handmade Amish dress for Lilly and The Amish cook's new book, her site is on my favorites list, "The Amish cook at home"...for 11.50. Both should be shipped to me in a couple of days! I can not wait to receive them.
Funny Doots story. I may have mentioned on here that our Doots has a strange obsession with Walmart. She loves walmart! She can identify it when it is written out, she knows what we purchase from there, she knows how to get to both of them here, and I get asked a lot during the day if we are going there. So yesterday she was playing with some stickers. She runs up to me and slaps a sticker on my hand. Then she says "El tome to malmart Mama"(which is Dootish for welcome to walmart.) They always give her a smiley face sticker when she goes. So I guess she was pretending to be a walmart greeter. That's when you know you may visit walmart a little too

  • Free sample of nutrasweet Allow six to eight weeks.
  • First time subscribing to Betty Crocker? Well, now they are offering you a free chex turtle bar. I have already subscribe so here is the link:
  • Free Clinique perfume spray. You have to be a facebook member. I am not so let me go start an account. Just a little FYI out there for you. At my husband's hospital he works at they have banned the use of myspace. It loads the computer with viruses and spyware. The computer tech , who has re done our computer before, said that if you wanted your computer to stay safe never go to myspace. So, like a fool, I go anyways to keep in touch with old friends from childhood and high school. You see I have a new laptop now and my old one still does not work! I just bought it a year ago and the discs did come in two days ago. It's the hard drive. So now I will never go back on myspace. So be careful on facebook. Okay log in up top under your facebook info. Then in the middle of the page click for the free sample. Says you will get in 2-4 wks. You may have to copy and paste that link and include the equal sign. Wow! That was a lot for a freebie. Hope it is worth it.
  • Here's a coupon for 10.00 off of 40.00 at Radio shack. Good if you plan on buying something from there this year
  • Olay definity coupon by mail Will arrive in six to eight weeks. I will have to price this. I use their complete daytime lotion everyday before I apply makeup(well, when I wear it..usually I do not..I still apply the lotion everyday regardless) for the SPF and my face is dry. I use to use their nightly cream and fell out of the routine. So this will be nice if it is affordable.
  • 2.00 off coupon for People. Only for country edition
  • 1.00 coupon for Dawn hand renewal. This will come through mail. When the dawn bottle pops up and says it. Takes 4-6 wks.
  • 1.00 off of a frozen turkey from Honeysuckle white and many more coupons for your Thanksgiving supper
  • 10.00 of of 25.00 at yankee candle. It does expire on the 29th of this month. I may have already posted this one.
  • WANT AN AMAZING GIFT? Here is a wonderful find. Amazon has Wii fit for 89.99 now!!!!! You can go to amazon by the link of the right hand side of the page(you may have to scroll down a little) and type in Wii fit...then click search. It will pop right up as the first one. That is CHEAP and it is for new!!!! There is a limited amount. They were in stock the time I checked.
  • Yankee candle: Buy two large jar candles at regular price and get two free. Code: CAT811S and expires 30th of this month. Order here:
  • Free essential oils recipes and more
  • Living the country life magazine with this code: 2008LTCL12
  • 10.00 online gift certificate for You will receive an email in the next 5-10 shopping days with your gift certificate to use with your next order.
  • Free sample of Dunhill cologne click on the cologne you would like to try and then click order a free sample on the page it brings you to. Just says it will be sent to you shortly.
  • Free earthquake preparedness starter kits Did not try this one. We don't get earthquakes here.

Sorry ladies there are not a whole lot of freebies here lately. But, I will start posting some good sale finds and coupons. They too can save us money:)

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