Saturday, November 29, 2008

How Lilly got her name, video I made, and some deals.

So this morning my plan was to stay home. At midnight our account was not updated. We later found that they updated it later in the morning. By this time it was too late since Barry had to take the truck to work this morning. So he told me to just order it online. I was very disappointed with Walmart's online site. Apparently, in fine print, the free store shipping comes at a fee of 29.00 a year. Also some things had .97 shipping. But, with what you would pay in shipping it was better to either not get it or hope they had it at your local store. So the only thing I ordered was the Cupcake maker. I knew it would be a hot product this winter and I was right they were sold out here. So I am glad I took the deal online and in the end with shipping and all I saved around 5.00 or so on it. So we went tonight with the intent to go grocery shopping. Instead the door busters were still in the aisle and Barry said to grab what I needed and he would keep Lilly busy. So I ended up getting everything I needed and planned on getting without having to get up at 5 this morning:) I also got Lilly-Rose a 25th anniversary edition of a cabbage patch doll(There were only 2 left.) Now if you do not know how her name came about here is the story:

When I was five I begged for a cabbage patch doll. Things were tight. It was just my Mom working and my Dad was out of work due to a truck driving accident that liked to have took his life. While, they would have loved to give that to me they just couldn't afford one. So a friend of our family made me one and I really loved it..but, I still longed for that cabbage patch doll. Well, my Dad needed some tacks one day from the local TG&Y. So my Mom went. They gave her a ticket at the door and explained they would be having a door prize drawing. She said no thank you and gave the ticket back. They told her it would be in ten minutes. So she hurried through the store to get the was Christmas season and busy. As she was waiting in line they called the ticket and it was my Mom's!!!! She didn't know that she won a cabbage patch doll at the time. She knew it when she was led over to where they were. She was so excited to be able to give me that doll for Christmas. They even escorted her to her car with it. At that time in Pensacola, FL people were robbing each other for them. So the doll came and her name was Lillith with a strange middle name. Well, I loved the name Lilly and wanted to name her after my Grandmother Rose(Rose is also a family name my Grandmother and Mother both have Rose in their name). So my doll became Lilly-Rose. That doll was my best friend for many years. As time has went by I have lost my Rose. But, always said I wanted a Daughter with that name. Now I have my own little doll named Lilly-Rose that is REAL. I do still have the original birth certificate from my doll. One of my Step-Aunts thinks she may have my doll and one day I plan to go see if it my Lilly-Rose. She has kept it for many years and found it in a closet. She says it was my doll and remembers me leaving it at her house. So I have been hoping it's her. It would be so neat to pass that doll on to Lilly-Rose. So that's how her name came about.

So here is a video I made tonight. It was really exciting. I did not get a flip camera. The lady a the photo lab said they actually recalled some of those at the first beginning of the year for malfunctioning and now they just showed back up. So Barry got me a different that also takes longer videos. So now my Dad and Barry can see Lilly at gymnastics. We can take it on vacation. So this is my first video using actual footage of Lilly. So be easy on me:) I used all the recent photos of her. mostly the park ones and then put the footage in with those. It's practice and we all know what practice does....


I subscribe to An Encouraging Word. They sent me an email of some great deals. So I will pass them on to you. These offers are good until 11/30/08:

Sorry guys no freebies today. I looked and all the things I have posted in the past are still the same ones. I hope for a better go tomorrow.


Sharon said...

I enjoyed reading how Lilly got her name. :) We don't live too far from the place where the cabbage patch dolls are made. I took my little nieces there to visit and it is an amazing place!

Also, just wanted to let you know that each time I visit your blog, our computer throws up a flag saying that it blocked a spy-site. It could be coming from the code from the company where you got your background.

Have a wonderful day!

Homemaker Highlights said...

I'm sorry about the spyware thing. I went back and deleted some of the ads on here..just in case that was the problem. They were not important anyway. I hope it's not the background. Thank you for your kind comment...I really appreciate it Sharon.
If anyone else is having this problem please let me know. I log on pretty regularly to make sure things are going smoothly with the blog and haven't got the spyware thing..but, every antivirus software is different. I hope the ads I took off today correct the problem..sorry guys!