Saturday, November 8, 2008


That was all the freebies for today I found. Kind of slow going. I am going to cook and store my pumpkin today. I will try to do another slide show on the recipes I will use. I am a windows movie maker I actually fixed my camera. Lilly accidentally dropped it over a month and half ago on the floor. So we could not get it to turn on or off by the wheel. Well, I got a knife, opened it up a bit, and got it to finally turn back on. It was very hard turning it on and off. So mostly we just left it on. We have rechargeable batteries for not so bad. Well, I fixed it by accidentally dropping it on the Works like a charm now! So I was worried we would have to buy a new one and they have went up since we purchased that one. I really liked it b/c it was so simple to use. So I will be able to take better photos this time was where I was going with this. I know I lose my train of thought sometimes on I actually took the above pictures with the camera I am speaking of. This was Lilly-Rose's first home-school field trip when she just turned two. Also, I have a new video up of pictures on youtube. It's the fall pictures put to a song I really love by Johnny Cash.

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