Saturday, November 8, 2008

Freebies for

(One of the photos I took at our local botanical gardens.)

Today I went to a thrift store I normally go to. Well, they were closed. We were having a parade today for our local festival:( So I went to one that I normally do not go to. I found a beginner's Bible for Doots, a new book series for me "Tales from grace chapel inn", and a book called Emilie's creative home organizer. The organizer book I have really enjoyed. I also found a Dora shower curtain. Now this will sound crazy. Doot's room is decorated with Dora stuff. So I have a good idea cooking in my head on how to use this. If it works I will take some photos and post them. I found the cutest wardrobe there. It was very old fashioned and probably at least from the early 40's or better. Just needed some spiffing up...Okay, maybe a lot of spiffing I am thinking if still there next week I may try to get it and re paint it for Lilly's room. I was thinking some new wallpaper on the inside and some stenciling. I found some paint and stencils the other week at another thrift store and I have left over paint of my own here. So nothing to spiff it up. It is also the kind where you can hang up clothes. Well, tomorrow I will not be on. So Freebies will be on again Monday. Wanted to add check out the Halloween stuff that is on sale at walmart. You can make dress up outfits out of the costumes. Now for what I found on that aisle and the clearance aisle.

These shirts were 4.00.

The bottles of sprinkles were .47 each. They were fall colors and have tiny pumpkins in them. Then the cookie cutter was .62, itty bitty tiny pumpkin sprinkles were .50, and I got two packs of the candied pumpkins for cupcakes. I figured I could make pumpkin theme cupcakes and cookies until the end of November. Also they do not expire. So I can use them next year:) I also found two packs of sidewalk chalk for Lilly that is 3d and came with the glasses...1.00 each. So I figured one for her and one for me. Great fun activity for home school on Monday to write our numbers and letters on the pavement outside. Plus, I am a little curious to see the 3d

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