Friday, November 7, 2008

Freebies for today!

  • Free tea sample. Add a maximum of two different sample teas to your cart. Then enter the coupon code: TRYME, Shipping is free. Arrives 7-14 days. I did strawberry kiwi and chocolate mint rooibos. I was thinking these, if big enough, would make perfect mug stuffers. Every year I buy mugs from the thrift store that ties to a person I really care about. Then I stuff them with little things like candies and teas....chocolate covered spoons..which you can do yourself. I always find my Dad a grandfather mug. These would be great on that. You could probably invest just .50 to .75 making one(b/c little candies can go far and are only a 1.00 a bag...less if you hit the after Halloween sell at dollar general)..compared to 1.00 at the dollar store. Mugs here are .25. Go on and I bet someone has some laying around for free. I got ALL my canning jars like this one year. Someone was cleaning out a storage shed for their Mother. Alright enough This is what I think of when I get freebies. Okay, it would not load my samples in the cart. So I will try this link again later on. Anyone else have theirs go through?

  • Free dryer vent check tool kit Says will arrive in two weeks.

  • Pedagree good bites snacks for dogs

  • Glad food storage bags sample

  • Free diaper from huggies

  • Recipes to make your own cosmetics This looks like a pretty cool site. Think of all the thrift store containers, again, that you can find to make these as gifts.

  • Free gift with sign up for birthday club. I have heard it was the dvd of stranger safety by John Walsh.

  • Free personalized disney can print it This is so cool and if your little one can recognize their own name written or knows how to fully read...they will love this! I was not able to change characters though.

  • You can sign up to be bone marrow donor this month and the fees will be waived!!! There is usually a registration fee.

  • Free redbox rental. These are new for us we just got one here at the local walmart. So you sign up your email address and they will send you a code to use at the machine for a free rental...that simple.

  • Freepeats is free to join this month Sounds like a really nice forum..just none in my local area.

I am excited about the make your own cosmetics recipes. I ran across a site like this before and lost the address. I have to tell you something sweet my husband did for me Saturday before last. He sent me to the spa!! We have a day spa here. I have talked about wanting to go for years...but, I just never could spend any money to do Well, we received a blessing. The company that Barry use to teach for also offered a finders fee for any doctors he recommends to buy machines from them...CT or xray. Well, someone did and he made some extra cash for just giving word of mouth...that is a blessing!!! So Friday I answered the phone and woman is wanting to confirm my spa appointment for Saturday and wanted to say they did have an opening for a facial. I had no idea what she was talking about and she you didn't know? This was a surprise wasn't it? Really, awkwardly. She verified my name after that and so I knew. I called Barry and thanked him. I was such a wonderful surprise. So the next day I went for a facial and he arranged a swedish massage for me. I nervous about both..especially the massage. But, all the ladies were really sweet to me and they knew the story behind it...they also knew it was my first time ever going. Overall I would do the massage again. The facial I didn't see a difference in my skin and they left me in a dark room full of whale noises with classical I liked the massage until she started kneading my shoulder blade...that brought tears to my eyes. She asked me was it too much pressure. This was the beginners massage and I didn't want to seem like a baby. Of coarse I sucked it up. You know what the best part was? When I left I told Barry if anyone calls for me tell them I am at the spa for the will probably be the only time I will get to say that in my My husband is wonderful to me and I can tell you that this gift meant more to me on this day than you can imagine. There has been stress on us. We found out that he has infertility issues too(it's not totally impossible to get pregnant, as you can see with Lilly, but our chances dropped to 40% now..then tack mine on..ah, were a pair aren't we?lol). There is another option we can do and we are hoping our insurance will cover it. That was quite painful for us to hear the test results on him. We always knew it was me...but, him too made it worse. What is the possibility that two people with infertility issues meet up and have a baby together...proof of the Lord's miracles right there. This can be an issue that just arose. We will not know til next month on the why part. Then our daughter may have Autism. She is set to be tested in January. I can tell you that Friday morning I arrived home in tears. We went to the local thrift store. Lilly and I. There was this little girl there and she was talking/playing with Lilly as she was in the buggy. Well, Lilly has trouble speaking and she doesn't really hold conversations. She basically will echo what you say at times and sometimes she gets what you are saying. The little girl told her to stop doing it, asked her why she was saying everything she said, and then said that Lilly "creeped" her out. Her words she could not have been older than five. Then the question that brought me to tears came..."why isn't she normal?" I know children are naturally curious and I hold no fault towards the little girl. But, man if it didn't hurt. Lilly was unfazed and was giggling. She doesn't pick up well on others emotions and really wouldn't know if someone was being mean to her...praise the Lord for that!!! Lilly is Lilly. Our God made her perfect and "normal" in our eyes. Kids are curious at times and adults can be down right cruel...they don't understand the meltdowns we go through...just because we didn't do a routine right. They just see her as misbehaving. We actually had an adult make fun of her once for her that time she grunted a lot and he was doing it to be smart. So the thing at the thrift store happened in the morning...I never told Barry til he got home. He made the appointment without knowing. So I graciously took his present and a blessing from the Lord.

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