Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Freebies for today, The Amish cook at home book came in, and a petsmart trip.

These little hamsters were snuggled together sleeping and thought it was cute.
Lilly in front of the birds.

Lilly, striking her, in front of the fish:)

This little bird had grass it was carrying around. Maybe to build a nest in the little birdhouse there?

Yesterday I got the firearms safety educcation DVD in the mail and I got my The Amish cook at home cook book. I must say it's a wonderful cook book and can not wait to read all of it. Then today Mickey, our cat, had a doctor's appointment. We got there a half an hour early. So we decided to play with the cats up for adoption, look at the fish, hamsters, and birds. Lilly really enjoyed it. Above are some pictures from our trip. They were shot with my cell phone. So they may be a bit fuzzy.

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