Monday, November 10, 2008

Freebies and a recipe.

  • Free breast exam kit (only for certain states).

  • Free cd about menopause and PMS

  • Free religious dvd It only costs shipping if outside the United States. Allow a couple of weeks.

  • Free subscription to heritage magazine For signature I put "Do not know" and I just answered a state I was born in. I don't really think that is any of their business. So I just picked a state. Says will take 6-8 weeks and is only published four times a year.

  • Free Christmas advent calendar. You can download it or have it sent by mail I selected other and then typed in what I wanted at the message box.

  • 24 count starter pack of commit cappuccino lozenges. Must be 18 years old or older. I ordered this for my Dad. Says I will receive it for him within a week.

  • Free tote

  • Complete the survey and receive a free klever kutter No company name needed. Here's a list of three knives that someone else was kind enough to post(so you don't have to look them up) Klever Kutter (KK-101) Disposable All-in-one Package Opener (SC-6620)Klever Koncept (KK-201) Disposable . Just copy and paste.

  • Take the quiz here and get a free volume 2 of joy around the world on cd...for every fifth person. I did not win one:(

  • Free goodie ouchless elastic For the first 1,000 that sign up. Looks like it has been out a a while.

  • Save up to 35.00 with Delmonte. This is what you could receive and give 4-6 wks: One (1) $1.00 off coupon for a 4- pack of Del Monte Single-Serve Fruit Cup® snacksOne (1) “free Del Monte Grapefruit Bowl” coupon (approximate retail value (“ARV”): $3.89). The first 50,000 eligible individuals to submit a valid request will be sent via U.S. mail one (1) coupon for the free Grapefruit Bowl.One (1) “free Del Monte no-salt added diced tomatoes” coupon (ARV: $1.35). The first 50,000 eligible individuals to submit a valid request will be sent via U.S. mail one (1) coupon for one can of Del Monte No-Salt Added Tomatoes. Individuals who submit a request in excess of 50,000 will be directed to a link, while supplies last, for one (1) downloadable coupon valued at $.50 off to be used towards the purchase of one (1) Del Monte No-Salt Added Diced Tomato product.One (1) $0.75-off coupon for Del Monte Reduced Sodium Vegetables.
Tried these today instead of making a cake. This is what I used:
1 box of chewy fudge brownies from Duncan Hines(just followed the box directions)
1/2 of walnuts
1/2 of ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolates
Mix all the above into the batter.
We used spongebob cupcake liners that Lilly-Rose picked out:) I found the ghirardelli chocolates on sale at walmart!!! They were the same price as the normal chocolates...go figure! They taste so good! After I dipped them into a large six cupcake pan..I then put chocolates and walnuts on top. I baked and just kept an eye on them. This will make up to twelve cupcakes. Make sure you keep a close eye on them. They cook a little different than if they were in a regular square pan. They are crunchy on the outside and ooey gooey chewy on the inside. Big hit here! I was originally going to make a cake. But, I did not have enough confectioners surgery for homemade and did not have a can on hand. So I thought why not brownie cupcakes. Lilly was just too excited to use the spongebob liners. This was really easy for her to help with as well. She was able to scoop them into the cups and put the walnuts/chocolate chips on top. She also lined the pan by herself. This was a super easy and fun thing to bake.

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