Friday, November 28, 2008

Freebies and other things.

First off the sales today will depend on if Wachovia decides to post our deposit into our account today. We forgot about this yesterday during planning. Barry gets direct deposit. I will try not to be too mad at them:) I did discover the reward points from our debit card(not a credit card) I had forgotten about. That's right if you have a Wachovia account and have a visa debit will earn reward points for using it. I forgot we signed up for those. It was free to join. We had quite a bit of points saved up. So Barry said spend them as you like:) So I got a digital camera and a mini chopper(like a bullet..but, Manuel labor This was all for free. They do not even charge shipping and handling. For us a checking account just makes sense. We are the world's worst at losing money. If you lose a debit card or have it stolen you can just call in and cancel it. So you don't lose your money. As with cash, once it is gone, it's gone. So it works for us. I just feel the direct deposit stuff can put you in a jam sometimes. It's funny how deposits take their time getting in. But, when you use a debit shows right up! So we will see. If it is meant to be the Lord will make it happen. I was also wanting to run some pictures off of Lilly for my family tomorrow.

With all that has been going on..I thought it was very rude of me not to make a list of all the things I was thankful for. When we said our grace today I had so much to be thankful for this year. I would love to share with everyone just a few things:

  • That I am saved. That someone loved me so much he gave his life for me and so that I may be forgiven.

  • That the Lord blessed me with Barry and Lilly-Rose.

  • My Dad and my Mom are here this Thanksgiving. My Mom had 5 bypass open heart surgery in 07 and with my Dad being terminal. I am also thankful for my wonderful In Laws.

  • I am thankful for our church, my friends, and good neighbors.

  • That Lilly will be seeing the Autism doctor in January. We have been trying to get the doctor to listen to us for two years!

  • That though we may not be able to have more children. We have one. That speaks volumes due to so many families that have lost their children.

  • That we did not lose our home when the mortgage crisis came about. The Lord knew this and we had a fixed interest rate.

  • We are thankful that though our turkey was eaten, not by, we still had food to eat.

  • I am thankful for our health. The Lord has looked out over Lilly with her bladder issues.

  • Thankful that I am able to be a stay at home Wife and Mother.


  • Order your FREE Copy of "Savoring The Best of World Flavors" DVD Set! This one you have to list a restaurant or operation name. I listed my blog. So this may not work unless you are in the food industry. I am always honest on freebie forms. For instance job title I listed Blogger. You also have to go back for the full series of three. So order one and then repeat. They will come in 2-4 wks.

  • Free headband from vocal point You have to become a member first and it is free to join. Once a member you can come back and log in. Then apply for the free crest headband. Use the same link above after you sign up to get you back to the headband. I could not find it again without it.

  • Free ruler Allow 4-8 wks.

  • 2 free mp3 downloads of Christmas related songs. These would be great for your windows movie maker.

  • Free sample of Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment Sample This works great on Eczema. Lilly has it and it has to use alidel sometimes. When the flares are not that bad she can use this and it works great!

  • Look at an ad and give your opinion on what you think. They will in turn send you a free gift. I know the link will sound funny..but, it is not a picture of anyone in a bikini. I guess it's about a diet that is suppose to help you lose weight to wear one. Allow two weeks.

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