Monday, November 24, 2008

Freebies and let's pray for the family of Brenden Foster.

I did not know how to load a video from youtube on here. So I have the link instead:

I urge you to go to the link above and watch the video clip if you have time today. It's about a little boy named Brenden Foster who is just an awesome child. Little Brenden passed away and he has made such an impact here in his short life. This little one is a shining example of the Lord's miracles. Though he may have passed on he will be forever remembered. His kindness, generosity, and wise beyond his years attitude has taught us all. I am keeping his family in my prayers as they mourn his loss. I just want his Mom to know...that even though he only was sent here for just a brief amount of time by the Lord...he has impacted my life greatly. This spring as I plant some wildflowers in my yard. I will do it in his honor. I will remember him and one of his wishes for the bees. I am so glad that one of Brenden's wishes was full filled before he passed away. I send my prayers and hugs to his family.

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