Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Freebies and Happy Thanksgiving.


I will not be posting tomorrow for obvious reasons. So I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Since it is just the three of us we will be doing something small(We like to visit everyone in the afternoon.) We will be roasting a turkey breast, stuffing, whole red potatoes, and a good ole sweet potato pie. Barry has the day off. So I am so happy. Last year when he was working in Cat scan he was on call that day. So he ended up spending all day at the hospital. The Lord watched out for us and had his parents bring us everything we would need for a Thanksgiving meal(we were going to eat there at the hospital since it would be cheaper and I really don't think it would have been as good as theirs. No offence to the wonderful ladies in the cafeteria.) So we had thanksgiving on a sheet..on the floor at the Lilly rather enjoyed it as she got to ride the table and pretend we were having a picnic. This year he will be home! So we will prepare our meal, rest a little, and then our Christmas decorations come out. We always take down the fall decorations and up go the Christmas ones. Here are some pictures from last year at Thanksgiving. Can you believe how much Doots has grown?!?

Then Friday he doesn't have to be at work until 9 so I am going to attempt the sales. They start at 5 here. I have never been and the past few years they seem sort of dangerous. We have seen everything here from a broken arm to someone backing over someone in a parking lot! I prefer the use of both hands and feet. But, this year there was not a whole lot to pick from..from the thrift stores(why is no one donating toys anymore???). I use them as filler gifts. So I need to make the budget stretch. So I thought why not catch the deals? I seen a commercial on toys going on sale Friday here at walmart. Then target will be having a sale. I wish I could go ahead and get a new digital camera. It went out this week. The pictures come out all fuzzy now and you can not make them out. So I know those go on sale this year. I am hoping with just sticking to the toy section only not to get caught up in people fighting over things. I have a few things on my list from there and then target's starts at 6. It's across the street and there is one toy there that I am really hoping is on sale. We don't usually go all out on Christmas gifts. We usually buy just for our parents, our nieces, and the doots. We realize that both set of grandparents will be getting her a gift. Really how many toys does a child need? So we try to do as our parents did. We get her one big present and then some smaller ones. Try not to go overboard. She is wanting a tricycle. She has a little plastic one that we got at the thrift store and does great on it. Also my Brother found her a toddler bicycle with training wheels out of the trash a couple of years back. It just needs a little paint and has been great! The seat is hard plastic and now has holes in it makes in uncomfortable to ride now. I still can not find a bike that small that has two wheels and training wheels. I just don't feel tricycles last that long. She wants one with Tinkerbell on it and I looked online...I don't think they make those(growing up I was a huge Peter Pan fan and she has naturally followed.) Then I would like to find a heater for my parents. I heard that appliance type stuff is cheap during these sales. So that is our plans.

We will be decorating the table this year for Thanksgiving with a plate Lilly made this Sunday at Sunday school. I have a little wire thing that can hold it up and I thought to cover the base with fake fall flowers. I thought we could also read her Sunday school hand out again. This past Saturday she was so excited about going to Sunday school. She would say "Jesus house Mama?" I think she is understanding things a little bit better now about the Lord. When I ask her where he lives she will point up. She prays on her own now. It's always the same prayer "God Bless baby bruber and sissy..Amen"...I don't know if she praying for a baby brother or sister(maybe both?..whew if the Lord answers that or if this is a prayer she has heard someone else say. She is like a little recorder sometimes and will pick up words from other people and my not know what they mean...but, will say them anyway. I feel so sorry for her sometimes. She really wants a sibling and doesn't understand why we can not give her one. She sees that her older cousin(who she adores and is her shadow) has a baby sister. This Sunday at church she was having a little issue with sharing when we were in the nursery. So I got down on her level and told her that not sharing was not very nice. That at one time she was small too(She was not sharing with someone about 1 yr old), needed someone to show her things, and how would she feel if someone would not share with her. I reminded her of how she should/does treat her younger cousin..gentle and kind. She should do the same to all. So she thinks about it and gives him a cow...then a chicken...she then takes another and shows him how to place it in the barn. She looks down as if to ask "so do you got that?" and then pats him gently on the head:) I just thought to myself then..Gee, I wish she did have a younger brother or sister...I think she would make an awesome big sister.

It's amazing what this month alone has brought with her speech therapy..she is almost two months in now. She seems to be really blossoming with going into the classes all by herself. So I sit in the lobby and wait for her. She is so excited when she comes out and we can already see the difference. Before she was not improving much due to her meltdowns before and during the class. Now she does so great and no meltdowns!!! So she loves nursery type rhymes and songs. She loves itsy bitsy spider, patty cake, and little bunny foo foo. Well, I sung Pop goes the weasel to her. So when Barry came in yesterday she wanted so bad to tell him what she had learned during home school. So all she could sing was "pop ah wee-ull" Also on Sunday we sung "Yes Jesus loves me." She loved all of us being able to sing it. She does good on big church during the singing. She loves for anyone to sing to her. She also likes to sing. You may not be able to make out what she is singing. But, she gives it her all. Here is a picture of her after church Sunday. She loves dress up shoes, purses, and hats(picture at bottom). Excuse the chocolate around her mouth. We just got finished with Sunday lunch. See the dress my Mom got that for her for a 1.00. The front is so cute and it is so warm on her.

Alright, I will end it here. I know I have blogged a lot today on here. I am just so proud of the Doots. It's been a long road with her speech and we just praise the Lord for every new word or sentence that comes into our life from her. Before I forget all my books from the federal reserve arrived today in one great big box and another big envelope. Lilly had a fit to see all the comic books. I have read through a couple and they really seem like good teaching tools. I went ahead and ordered the full amount. That way I could give them away to others. I will post a picture later. Before I forget anyone living in the state of Alabama and has an Autistic child may want to check this link out:

I came across it about a week ago. I was looking for support groups in our area. I found the site very comforting and helpful.

Now you all have fun, give praise, love your family, eat all that great food, and rest. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for the encouraging emails, comments, and prayers that you offer me. All of you will be in my praise to the Lord this Thanksgiving.

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